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    I heard a wonderful interview on the radio the other day….. It was about a product that helped not only aging pets but also those with past trauma or aggressive and behavioral issues. .. Since I have a traumatized little feral beagle at home… I turned up the radio and listened closer. The product is […]
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Archive for the ‘Flying and Crawling BUGS!’ Category

postheadericon How to Get RID of Maggots in the Garbage Can

I can’t believe I am actually going to write a post about maggots in my garbage can but I am certain others would benefit from knowing this information.

I live in Southeast Michigan.. so far this year the weather has been hot and I mean HOT… and for the past few weeks it has been very dry too. We get our trash picked up on Tuesday mornings. So you can imagine my disgust when I found a zillion maggots in my trash can and it was only Friday… Knowing that the weather was going to continue to be HOT HOT HOT for the next few days I was beside myself thinking how many maggots would be in that trash can by the time the trash was picked up on Tuesday.

Of course I Googled my problem… The input that came back was not that helpful to me in my situation. It suggested I kill the maggots by dumping boiling water on them and then washing out the trash can….. OK???? but what do I do with the trash bags that are already in the trash can sitting there with all those zillion maggots everywhere. All I could think of was where could I get a breathing apparatus and a Hazmat suit.

Then it dawned on me…. diatomaceous earth kills the flies…. lets see if it would kill the maggots. I went in the house and got out my shaker jar that was simply an old Parmesan cheese container that I refilled with “Food Grade” diatomaceous earth. I held my breath and opened the lid of the trash can and sprinkled on a very generous amount of dirt.. shut the lid.. ran as fast and as far as I could and took a breath……. Now to wait.

I actually could hardly wait to check my trash can a few hours later… What a bummer… The darn thing looked just the same… a zillion maggots greeted me as if to say… “Bring it on!”

But by the next afternoon…. I was not able to see 1 maggot… not a one. I was not about to see where they went by poking around in the can.. I was just going to wait until the trash was picked up on Tuesday morning.

After the trash man left… I could hardly wait to see what the emptied trash can looked like. To my surprise there was nothing to look at .. nothing but an empty trash can with a bit of white powder along the side. I am not sure what I was expecting but I sure was happy to see what I saw… No Maggots!

I have been promoting the use of DE for many years. It never ceases to amaze me the many wonderful uses that diatomaceous earth can be used for…. I am now able to add Maggot Killer to the long list.

Diatomaceous Earth for Organic Pest Control

postheadericon Ants Ants Ants.. Everywhere I Look There Are Ants

ant_55940I have never seen so many ants before. Do you have more ants at your house this year too? We had another very COLD winter, just like we did last year but we didn’t have all these ants last spring like we do this year. They are everywhere.

Not only am I seeing lots of ants outside but they were inside as well. You know I really don’t care if they are outside… they don’t seem to do any damage.. they are all just busy building ant hills, but I draw the line when they come in the house. I don’t want ants in the house!

Someone should of told them to skip my house if they think they are going to take up residence inside with me. I have a silent ant killer… It has no color, no odor, it is a non-poisonous powder that has the consistency of flour… heck they don’t even know they are stepping in it…but it is a real ant killer.

In fact it doesn’t kill just ants but it kills all of those crawly bugs that I can’t stand when they are in the house….. My ant killer is one of Mother Natures Best Kept Secrets…. It has been around for at least a zillion years… it is diatomaceous earth. I sprinkle it around where the ants are and when I come back about 20 minutes later I can sweep up dead ants….. Next time I come back I can sweep up more dead ants.

Of course it would be great if your able to find where they are coming from and start at the source. It is not a poison so the little buggers do have to come in contact with the powder. They are not able to build up a resistance to it since it does not work the way most ant killers do.. .Diatomaceous earth kills those buggers by slicing them and they dehydrate….. Way Cool.

But… what is even cooler is… I kill those ants and then I eat it for my good health. I also feed it to my dogs and my cats for their good health too…. You can Eat My Dirt….
Food Grade Perma-Guard Diatomaceous Earth… Gotta Love this wonderful product direct from Mother Nature.

postheadericon How to Apply Diatomaceous Earth to Your Pet

I have found a great short video done by the Green Tip Guy showing how to apply diatomaceous earth to your dog. I thought that you might enjoy watching how easy it really is… This is the exact method that I use…… and he is right my dogs love it TOO!

I buy my Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth from EarthWorksHealth.

postheadericon Getting Rid of Head Lice

I received a question on my Facebook Page from someone who’s daughter was getting head lice at school.
This is the question and what I replied back to her.

My daughter keeps getting head lice from school. Do you think rubbing DE in her scalp might get rid of them? And would it be safe? Thanks

You bet… There is a bit about it on that page… Cover your daughters eyes and nose area with a moist washcloth.I would sprinkle DE on dry hair you may even want to rub it so it gets down onto the scalp…. using a fine tooth comb… comb it also … your goal is to get it on all of the hair strands. Cover with a shower cap or wrap securely with a towel and leave on all night. In the morning shampoo the DE out of the hair and use that fine tooth comb again. Rinse with a solution of 1 cup vinegar and 2 Tablespoons of water…. don’t get that in the eyes.
DE is very drying so make sure you use a conditioner after you have used the shampoo.
If there is itching or irritation remove the DE with shampoo and apply a conditioner.
Your hands will be dry after applying DE so wash them good, you may want to apply a lotion to your hands as well.

Treat everyone and everything at the same time…. other wise they will still be there. You may have to repeat this treatment a few times to make sure that you have gotten all of the eggs as well as the lice.
Please keep us posted on how this works out for you.

postheadericon Growing plants in a container garden

container gardening 1You do not need a lot of space to have a garden. For some people having a HUGE garden may be nice but for others a small garden grown in containers on a desk or patio might be the right way to go.

Few people have lots of space or the time for a HUGE garden. A HUGE garden does indeed take time…There is so much more to growing a garden than just preparing the soil and planting. Weeding and watering are 2 things that you really must keep up with in order to have a bountiful harvest. Many people find planting in containers is a much better way to go.

Growing herbs to have  handy for cooking is one of the easiest things to grow in your container garden. Your able to have a few containers dedicated to holding nothing but herbs or you can do what I do and plants the herbs in the same containers that I have flowers and/or vegetables.

Most herbs look great while they are growing.. so this would simply add charm as well as beauty to your container garden.

Tomatoes are probably the easiest to grow… cherry tomatoes, roma, or even big boys all do well planted in a container garden. Just make sure that the size of the container is going to be big enough for the roots to be able to expand and grow… and don’t forget to have drain holes in your containers.

What are some of the vegetables that you like to eat? That should be one of the first questions that you ask yourself and then plan your container garden accordingly.

When you are thinking about what to plant in your garden you really should read about the plants that you intend on growing. Some are much easier than others to grow. If your just starting out it would be very depressing to of started with a plants that is known to be hard to grow… I think it would discouraged you quickly from continuing your new hobby of container gardening if your garden was a bust!… I know it certainly would for me, though I am sure I would try again.. I hate to be defeated in ANYTHING that I attempt to do.

You will want to determine what plant will be for what container. Since I am a junk store shopper….. I usually have the container FIRST and then I think about what I am going to plant in it.

You will want to be aware of how much sun the area where you are going to have your garden gets. If it is full sun you will not want to buy plants that will do best in the shade or vise versa…. The area that I have my container garden in has a combination of both sun and shade. I always look for plants that say partial shade.

I can not stress enough to make sure your containers have drain holes. You don’t want your plants to be soaked with water. They must have drain holes to be able to grow properly. Good drainage and proper watering are 2 things you will learn as you progress with your new hobby of container gardening.

A container garden is able to get the same pests that any other type garden gets. When you have a container garden your able to put in a good potting soil. Might be a nice idea to add a bit of gravel or rocks to the bottom of your containers broken pots work well too. I mix diatomaceous earth to my soil before I fill my containers. Diatomaceous earth is one of natures miracles. You can read all about this wonderful product here…. .  This product is also excellent for keeping those nasty bugs off your plants leaves too. You will be amazed at all that it can do… Can you tell I love that stuff?

Container gardens can contain what ever it is that you want to put in them. Keep in mind how much sun the plants will need.. try to keep those that need FULL SUN together as well as lots of water and only water when dry. Your able to learn all of this by reading the tags on the seeds packets or on the plants that you are buying from the nursery…. They put those tags on EACH plant for a reason READ THEM!

Container gardening is not that hard but it does need some planning. It is a great way to be able to have a nice juicy mouth watering fresh picked tomato fresh from your own garden. You can also have an abundant supply of fresh herbs for cooking as well as any thing else that you planted…. Just out the door .. FRESH!

I enjoy my container gardens that I have on my backyard deck and on my front porch. I have flowers, herbs and vegetables all planted together in the same pots. Here is a wonderful book about container gardening…

postheadericon A Diatomaceous Earth Riddle

Question: When does the exact same bag of diatomaceous earth cost more from Earth Works Health (EWH)?
Answer: When it is to be sold as an insect killer.

This label makes the exact same bag more expensive
This is Perma-Guard’s 50# bag of Diatomaceous Earth with the EPA approved label on it. Even though it is the same DE as all the Diatomaceous Earth that EWH sells, the EPA requires that in order to make claims that Diatomaceous Earth kills insects, it has to be labeled with an approved EPA label. This is that product. All of the Diatomaceous Earth products that EWH sells come out of the same mine and are the exact same product—just the labeling is different–but remember—for EWH to legally claim it kills insects, the EPA labeled bag is supposed to be purchased. PERMA-GUARD CRAWLING INSECT CONTROL—EPA REGISTERED AND APPROVED! EPA REG. NO. 73729-1-67197 —- EPA ESTABLISHMENT NO. 67197-UT-001 Shipped in a Box.

Go Figure!

postheadericon Bed Bug Interceptor For Your Bed

While you are using Diatomaceous Earth to rid your home of bed bugs (It can take a week or more to get them all), you need to protect your bed so they can not crawl up and bite you. Remember, bed bugs can not fly, so if you remove all bed skirting and pull the bed away from the wall, the only way the bed bugs can get to you is crawling up the bed legs. Put one of these bed bug interceptors under each leg of your bed, and you are protected!!

Note: Order 1 for each leg of the beds you want to protect. Most beds will need 4 or 6.

You can get these handy interceptors at the same place you get the DE. Earth Works Health

postheadericon DIATOMACEOUS EARTH: A Non Toxic Pesticide

I have found a wonderful article about diatomaceous earth written by by Professor Stuart B. Hill from the Department of Entomology and Ecological Agriculture Projects.

Professor Hill writes about using DE for grain storage and using it in the home as a non toxic pesticide and also for use in animal production units for the control of external parasites and flies.

You can read the entire article for yourself HERE…

postheadericon Poultry Science Study About Effect of Using Diatomaceous Earth

An very extensive study was submitted to Poultry Science. The study was entitled “Effect of diatomaceous earth on parasite load, egg production, and egg quality of free-range organic laying hens” by D. C. Bennett1, A. Yee2, Y.-J. Rhee3 and K. M. Cheng

I will be the very first to admit I am not much for reading this stuff in it’s entity… and I will admit my eyes glazed over at times with some of the information that was presented.. BUT… this study documents the importance of using diatomaceous earth around poultry. Even though I skipped a few parts of this information, I am sure it would mean a great deal to many. I was still able to grasps what a wonderful benefit adding DE to the keeping of poultry is.

This is the starting lines of the study…

The effectiveness of diatomaceous earth (DE) as a treatment against parasites and to increase feed efficiency and egg production of organically raised free-range layer hens was evaluated in 2 breeds of commercial egg layers [Bovan Brown (BB) and Lowmann Brown (LB)] that differ in their resistance to internal parasitic infections. Half the hens of each breed were…
You can read the entire post from the PDF here. PoultryScienceRLEStudy

postheadericon Studies Done About Diatomaceous Earth by Red Lake Earth

I love chickens. They are such fun to have around. I have been reading a lot about adding diatomaceous earth (DE) to their feed and also letting them enjoy it as a dust bath will make for much “Happier Chickens.”

Happy Chickens means better looking chickens, more eggs production, just all around healthier/Happy Chickens.  Red Lake Earth did several studies about the benefits of adding DE to chicken feed. The results of the study was very interesting, in fact after reading the studies I would hope that everyone who raises any number of chickens from 1 to a zillion should be adding this wonderful, all natural product that is indeed good for every one and every thing.

The first study I would like to post was done by….

RED LAKE EARTH ……Effect on Bone Mineralization

Previously we showed that free-range hens fed diets supplemented with diatomaceous earth (DE) were significantly heavier, laid more eggs, and consumed more feed than hens fed the control diet, with no differences in feed efficiency. In the present study….. you can read the entire study here.

Red Lake Earth did another study called Effect of Dietary Diatomaceous Earth and a Single Topical Application of llarn Fresh on House Fly, Musca domestica L., Breeding, Egg Quality and Selected Manure Nutrients. Now that is quite the title for a subject but the jest of the whole thing is…… Using DE on the chickens and around the their living quarters cuts down on flies…. amongst other interesting findings. Your able to read the entire study here.

I found both of these studies very interesting and they contain documented proof that using diatomaceous earth is indeed very beneficial.