Table of Contents
Silica Savvy Solutions for Healthy Living Book

Chapter 1
What on Earth is Diatomaceous Earth?

Chapter 2
Twentieth Century Pioneers of the Diatomaceous Earth Industry

Chapter 3
How Does Diatomaceous Earth Work?

Chapter 4
How Diatomaceous Earth Benefits Human Health & Beauty

Chapter 5
Novel Household Uses for Diatomaceous Earth

Chapter 6
Using Diatomaceous Earth As A Healthier Home, Garden & Pet Insecticide

Chapter 7
Goodnight! Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite!

Chapter 8
Using Diatomaceous Earth in Grain Storage: Preservation & Protection for Humans & Animals

Chapter 9
Using Diatomaceous Earth for Pets, Animals, Birds & Agriculture & Horticulture

Chapter 10
Application Tools & Methods for Diatomaceous Earth

Chapter 11
Going Green through the Gray Areas of Red Tape

Chapter 12
The Natural Connection of Diatomaceous Earth to Rachel Carson’s Famous Book Silent Spring

Chapter 13
Alarming Health Risks Linked Pesticides

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