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postheadericon Why does diatomaceous earth NOT kill the good bacteria in the gut?

I got a very interesting question the other day on my Facebook Page The question was….why doesn’t diatomaceous earth kill the beneficial bacteria in the gut.

The statement “DE does NOT kill the beneficial bacteria in the gut” can be found on many websites. But finding out the “WHY” does it NOT also kill the good bacteria took a bit of digging.

I found the answer by reading many different website and articles and I ending up submitting a different search term to Google with the information that I found. (What did we do before the internet… Thank You Al Gore) I put in the search box… “does bad bacteria have a negative or a positive charge” ?

I found my answer…….

Diatomaceous Earth will not absorb beneficial bacteria simply due to the fact that DE has a negative charge and bad bacteria has a positive charge. DE will attract and absorb the bad bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc without harming anything good or beneficial.

Before I had found the answer by myself I had sent off this “WHY” question in an email to a friend of mine, Tui Rose who wrote a wonderful book, The Diatomaceous Earth Book “Going Green Using Diatomaceous Earth How-To Tips”. It contains a wealth of information. This was her reply to me…

I did not address that issue in my Going Green DE book although I had heard the same answer you found. The angle of negative and positive polarity is true. I’ve not seen any other answer, but in my next book I am going to place this answer along with the daily supplementation of probiotics. If the body is depleted of good bacteria for any one of many reasons including the use of antibiotics DE does not replace probiotics, so it is still wise to use probiotics anyway.

My next book on DE will include a chapter on Human Ingestion. Should be available in 3-4 months

I for one can hardly wait for this book…. I have so many people asking for more information about the health benefits of using DE.. and being a registered nurse I am certain that Tui Rose will have the information thoroughly researched.

I found this video on a site called Silalive.. It is not very long, and I have not ever heard anyone pronouns diatomaceous earth quite like she does…. It contains great information and sort of addresses the original question that was ask about the “WHY”

9 Responses to “Why does diatomaceous earth NOT kill the good bacteria in the gut?”

  • Karen Mitchell:

    Where can I find studies done on DE?

    • Cindy:

      Karen you can do a search for it by putting this into the search engine.. “studies done on diatomaceous earth”. I have posted several of them throughout this blog. It is of course just my opinion.. but I don’t think that extensive studies have been done because there is no money to be made by recommending this product… it is very very inexpensive..
      Tui Rose wrote the Bible of Diatomaceous Earth…. I posted about it. You can read about her book here….

  • Michelle Chase:

    Can I give food grade DE to my dog along with digestive enzymes and probiotics all in the same meal? Or will the DE absorb the other supplements and render them useless?

  • Nicole:

    So unless I missed it, do we to assume all good bacteria has a negative ionic charge to avoid being pulled out?


    I know DE will not harm good probiotices. My question is will DE help in the body produce probiotices? If not, is there anything that will get the body to start produce probiotices again?

    • Cindy:

      Not sure if DE will actually HELP the body produce probiotices but I think it would make it easier for the body to allow the probiotices to be produced… Not sure I wote that correctly.. I have tried to write it a couple of different ways.. Makes sense to me.. I hope it makes sense to you too….
      Taking DE can not hurt.. it can only make your body work better. Just make sure it is FOOD GRADE DE.. and start slow and drink lots and lots of extra water….
      Think of DE as something that is helping to clean out the bad things from your body. If the bad things are removed.. just makes sense the the entire body would work better…

      I found these 2 articles.. I think you might enjoy them.

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