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Earth Works Health

I get my Diatomaceous Earth (DE) from Earth Works Health.

Before you head on over to Earth Works Healh Please look around this site for information and ideas for using Diatomaceous Earth…. It really is for everyone and everything.

I hope you will see all the benefits of this wonderful all natural product… just as I do!

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  • Ruth Warren:

    Please let me know about your product diatomaceous; is this product for human comsumtion to control, cholesterol, and other conditions?
    thank you for your information.
    Ruth Warren

    • Cindy:

      Hi Ruth.. just for the record… I am no doctor or medical professional. I am posting the link to my page that I took from the EarthWorks site…. It lists all kinds of benefits of using diatomaceous earth.

      I can only tell you that I love this stuff. It is a wonderful colon cleanser. It also works great for my cats and dogs. As well as kills ants.

      I would never suggest you stop taking medication for any ailment you may have.

      DE is an all natural product…Please go to this page and read about it…


  • veronica godson:

    Hello I would like to know more about your product diatomaceeous.

    • Cindy:

      Hi Veronica… This site is all about Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. Please look around. I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about this great All natural product that is good for everyone and everything.

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