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postheadericon Using a Food Dehydrator

While I was rummaging around in my basement last week I came across something I had bought at the junk store years ago.

I had paid a whole dollar for it and I don’t think it had ever been out of the box… A Food Dehydrator, HCIT?

Now I am not going to tell you I bought it with the intent of dehydrating food… I bought it because it was a dollar and it was brand new.

Gotta love a good junk store and I have a great one right up the road from me.. The Lions Den in Temperance, Michigan. I always enjoying going to that junk store and some days I get luckier than others. The day I found the food dehydrator was one of those luckier days. But then I moved it and I never saw it again until the other day.

Here in Michigan this is harvest season. So I thought I would plug it in and see what I could dehydrate. I started with herbs… oregano, cilantro, dill and one I forgot what it is but I am certain I will be able to use.

Next was peaches, my husband ate all of them within 2 days. I think he liked them. He brought me home huge beautiful mushrooms so they were next. Then it was onto bananas. My husband ate all of those in one night watching TV. I now have banana peppers in dehydrating. They smell so nice. I can’t wait to get them out to start something else. Hubby is asking for peaches again, so that will probably be next.

What a great little appliance this is. I plan on having it going 24/7 till I have nothing left to put in it, or until it stops working. As of now I know I have already gotten my dollars worth out of it.

Some site tell you to soak certain foods before you dehydrate them , other site tell you it isn’t necessary. Since  I am all for less steps I have not soaked anything.

I am debating on asking for a bigger more powerful dehydrator for Christmas but I think my silversmith class will win out.

Maybe if I am a good girl …. I will get both!