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Posts Tagged ‘what do you do with diatomaceous earth’

postheadericon Plain Water Mean Just That… PLAIN WATER!

I eat Diatomaceous Earth (DE) every day. I scoop a big spoonful of this white powdery stuff into my yogurt… Every Morning.
Since I have been eating my dirt I have made a real conscious effort to drink more water, clean PLAIN water. That does not mean tea, coffee, soda, ect. it means WATER.
Several years ago I was listening to an interview on the radio. I do not remember what it was about but I recall one particular part of it. The guest was talking about drinking lots of water daily. The host said something to the effect of…”what about tea and coffee, does that count?
The guest politely repeated… water, plain water. She went on to give this analogy. Pretend you had a dinner party and after the quests left it was to late to start the clean up. So you just decided to soak the dishes till the morning. You certainly wouldn’t soak them in tea, would you?
That vivid story left an image in my mind of the importance of PLAIN WATER. Tea, coffee, and soda are all extra.

postheadericon Putting the Colon Cleanser People… Out of Business

The people who make and market colon cleanser products really would rather the benefits of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) be kept a HUGE secret.
Clean as a whistle is how I could describe my colon and all parts leading to it, since I have been eating dirt (DE).
From the information I read about the benefits of eating dirt (DE) I was aware that it was suppose to be good for your digestive track.
I envision a little man with long finger nails and a chisel chipping and scratching away at my insides getting all of the GUNK out. When your digestive track is clean your not all GUNKED-UP. Your food is better able to be absorbed.
It just makes sense to me that if your as clean as a whistle digestion is better, your healthier and the list goes on.

postheadericon No More Chemicals for ME

As I sit looking out my window at more snow than I have seen in years I am thinking… SPRING!
With that thought comes gardening… shrubs, plants, flowers the whole rebirthing of nature.
Do you use chemicals to keep your lawn and garden pest free?
I use to, but not anymore. I have found a great way to keep bugs away, naturally.

postheadericon Cat Nip and Diatomaceous Earth

The other day I sprinkled some dry cat nip on a small rug for my cat that was lying on it. He of course went crazy the way most cats do when they are exposed to cat nip.

Most cats love catnip. They roll in it and try to eat it. Some salivate when they are around the aroma of catnip. It really is fun to watch how they react to it. It is defiantly intoxicating to most cats.

So I had this BRILLIANT idea of adding diatomaceous earth to the rug too.

This cat was not only having a great time rolling in the cat nip but he was also rolling in the DE and dusting himself for fleas and other crawly things.

Several of my other cats came to the rug and took their turn rolling in the cat nip and the De. When everyone had their fill I took the rug outside and shook it over my flowers.

Now that is what I call recycling!!

postheadericon Diatomaceous Earth as a Science Project

Many People attend school science fairs. What a great introduction to the community of the many benefits of Diatomaceous Earth. A whole display could be created about this dirt. Showing benefits and uses.

You could purchase a 50# bag of DE, repackage into smaller bags and sell it. You could have cards printed and flyers made so that people would be able to contact you to place an order.

postheadericon Dusting a HERD with Diatomaceous Earth

Here is an idea I have to pass on from a cattle rancher. It might give you ideas to use in many ways.

This rancher was looking for an easy way to dust his cattle with diatomaceous earth. His cattle all seem to follow a path so he placed a tube of fabric that contained DE just high enough above the path so that when the cattle would walk under it they would hit it just enough so that the De would shake out onto them.

I thought the idea very ingenious myself. It worked great for dusting his herd of cattle.

postheadericon Borax or Diatomaceous Earth?

Many years ago I went to a ladies house, she was a wildlife rehabilitator, she specialized in raccoons. She had many other critters in her house and she had no carpet what so ever. She only had wooden plank floors. It was as though she had not gotten around to putting in the actual flooring yet.

She had a strange substance on the floor that I just had to ask about she proceeded to tell me it was borax. She saw the puzzled look on my face and said you know… the horse team…”20 Mule Team Borax”.  OK OK I then knew what she was talking about.

She said with all those critters that she brings into her house she wants to keep the fleas and the bugs at bay as best she can. So she uses borax on the floor. It settles into the floor boards and works as a barrier against fleas and other bugs.

BUT… Her dogs and her cats and them too were all walking on this. They probably had shoes on but the dogs and the cats were getting this on their paws. They would be ingesting this when they groomed themselves… Not a good thing. She needed my DE,
It would have been perfect for her.

Diatomaceous Earth is an all natural  product that you can eat. I am sure you can not say that about borax.

postheadericon Diatomaceous Earth the Perfect Fund-raiser|4-H

I have a suggestion for the perfect fundraiser. I live in a rural area. The community is very much into 4-H. This would be a perfect fundraiser for a 4-H group.

Selling diatomaceous earth and educating people on it’s benefits certainly would be much better than selling over priced and under sized candy bars, or wrapping paper.

A 50# bag could be purchased and then repackaged into smaller bags. Put together flyers about what this great product can do and your not only selling something that people can really use but your also educating them on what wonderful benefits there are to this all natural product called DE.

postheadericon Holly Found Quick Relief with Diatomaceous Earth

I have many dogs and cats, so trying to keep the fleas, ticks and internal parasites under control is an on going thing around here. Just before I got my bag of DE I had bought flea stuff from the vet to flea all my critters. The cost was just under $175.00. Now mind you that would be a monthly cost.

After I put that poison on my dogs one of them, my little lemon and white beagle, Holly was still itching something awful. She was miserable. I felt so bad for her and I am not real sure what the problem was except that maybe she was allergic to the poison flea stuff I put on the back of her neck to kill the fleas. Whatever the reason she was in agony.

I took her outside and dusted her down with DE, and then I brushed it into her fur. Within a half hour she was no longer scratching!! I have no explanation. All I can think of was there was one flea that survived that poison and the DE took care of it.

I do NOT know for sure .. all I know was that Holly was no longer scratching with every step she took.

postheadericon My Diatomaceous Earth is NOT for a Pool Filter

It is very very very important to note that we are NOT talking about the kind of diatomaceous earth that is used in swimming pool filters.

We are speaking about “FOOD GRADE”

Pool grade DE is diatomaceous earth produced specially for pool filters and it is treated with heat and other processes.

Pool grade DE should never be used for pest control or taken internally. Swimming pool DE ranges from 60% to 70% free silica and is NOT the same as Food Grade DE.

This is very important that you are aware of this.