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postheadericon Could You Move to a Tiny House?

I love to watch those Tiny House shows on TV. Since I am a pack rat I just can’t imagine moving from the house that I am in now to a Tiny House. I have a 5 bedroom house.. and it is packed to the rafters… in every nook and cranny. I hate to part with anything.. and although Hubby will not admit it, he is almost as bad as I am.

I can’t help it I like my things….

So the idea of moving into a smaller house.. not even to think of one of those Tiny Houses is just not even in my thinking plan.. BUT…

On many of those episodes I see people who have lots of stuff and then just decide that they want to down size.. and Just Do It!…..I applaud them for being able to do that. Not sure what mind set I would have to be in to be able to do that… I would be happy if I could just get rid of the top layer of stuff… Well OK  how about saying clearing out one room…. that in itself would be amazing…

So how do they do it? Several of them said that they would rather spend money on travel than have a large home… I guess that would be a good reason… but the thing is, most of the time 2 people would have to agree on that, Both husband and wife…. My hubby and me find very little to agree on so I am not sure that this would be one of those things that we would see eye to eye on.

Many of the Tiny Homes that are built on those TV shows are really very clever. They have great storage ideas. I love it that they are built on wheels.. so that your able to pick up and MOVE….

I have found a site that has great pictures of a Tiny Home. You can see their idea here.

While I was poking around I found another place that even offered great ideas to help pay for that Tiny Home….. You can find that site here…… Sponsormatic

So what do you think about living in a Tiny Home?….. Do you think you could do it?.. Just one question, what would you do with all your STUFF?