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  • MEDCHOICE CBD for Both You and Your Pets
    I heard a wonderful interview on the radio the other day….. It was about a product that helped not only aging pets but also those with past trauma or aggressive and behavioral issues. .. Since I have a traumatized little feral beagle at home… I turned up the radio and listened closer. The product is […]
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postheadericon Another pet food recall

Another pet food recall this morning…. Over the past couple of weeks the number of recalls has been unreal… Not only dog food but cat food and rabbit pellets.

The brands that have recalled their product because it may contain the drug Pentobarbital are especially troubling to me…. I kept thinking what in the world would that drug be doing in a plant that makes food for dogs and cats…. WHY WOULD IT BE THERE?…. All I could think of was some crazy employee seeking revenge…. After reading more about it.. I no longer think that is the case.

No one likes to talk about or think about where the food that we buy in cans to feed our four legged friends come from but I think it might be time to have a grown up conversation about it.

Now I will admit I do not in any way suggest I know the answers but that Pentobarbital came from some where….. If not a disgruntled employee, it must be coming form what the food is being made of.

If a pet food contains “animal byproduct meal” that could be any animal that is not a bird and it might be in that food … Including animals that had been euthanized… and Pentobarbital is a barbituate that is commonly used for euthanasia….. So that is probably the way it is getting into the food that is making our pets sick.

A couple of years ago I was in our local farmers co-op picking up some sunflower seeds and the gal from the dog rescue where I got one of my dogs from was in buying dog food. We got to chatting about how my adopted dog was working out and about dog food. She asked what I was feeding her and I told her I feed all my dogs lamb and rice.. both dry as well as canned. She asked, “but what kind”. I told her I always buy Purina. Well she about had heart failure that I was such a terrible person to feed my pups such a horrible brand….. The very next week.. the food that she was buying was recalled. Go Figure.

I have been hearing much about feeding those 4 legged fur balls a raw food diet… and with all of the recalls lately I have been paying closer attention. I have found a book that pretty much explains what you need to know about switching your dog to a homemade raw food diet…. It is especially good for those who are fence sitters…..You can read more about it here…. Learn How to Add Years to Your Dog’s Life by Thomas Sandberg. For the last 15 years Sandberg has followed a group of dogs (80) fed a diet of raw homemade food. The results are amazing.

Sandberg is on a mission to help dogs live longer healthier lives