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postheadericon Belly Bulge and Sore Lower Back

Did you ever think for one moment that your sore back was being caused by your belly bulge?…. I didn’t either, till now.

Many people complain about having a pain in their lower back. Lower back pain can be caused my many things.. I have found that my lower back pain was being cause by my belly bulge.

Women who are pregnant, especially as they get closer to their due date often have lower back pain. That growing baby bump keeps getting bigger and the pain in the back side just keeps increasing, the muscles in the back are having to strain more and more to support that growing baby.

The exact same thing applies when you carry around excess weight in your stomach area. That belly bulge maybe causing your sore back pain too.

So, what are you going to do about it…..? The first step would be to plan to get rid of that belly bulge.

In the first place having your belly bulge is NOT flattering. Even if your are not fat…. it may make you look frumpy.  Adding excess weight to you belly is certain to make you look older…. and in many cases look like your expecting a baby….That is always a scary thought when your 50 or 60 years old.

Some people may blame that belly bulge on middle age.. and in some cases that may be true. But that is  still is no excuse to ignore that bulging belly…..

Eating a healthy diet and adding a bit of exercise to your daily routine will help a lot. But for many that is not enough. Some people swear by juicing to help them lose that extra weight they are hauling around. Juicing to me is just to messy.

I no longer juice, I have found a juicing alternative. It is perfect for me, because there is no more endless shopping for fresh ingredients… no more chopping… there is no more mess. I now simply drink GreenJuice…. Now before you say “gross”.. I will have you know that I simply add it to my smoothie. It adds a great flavor to it.

I am getting lots of good stuff added to my diet…. and I don’t have a mess to clean up. You can learn more about what I am doing to reduce my belly bulge by clicking HERE.

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