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    I heard a wonderful interview on the radio the other day….. It was about a product that helped not only aging pets but also those with past trauma or aggressive and behavioral issues. .. Since I have a traumatized little feral beagle at home… I turned up the radio and listened closer. The product is […]
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postheadericon What do you do with all those old Pallets?

Pallets, pallets everywhere… Some people burn them as is, others dismantle them and use them for firewood after the nails have been removed. Some people find uses for them such as to put them under something that they don’t want touching the ground. Some just collect them and stack them thinking that maybe they will find a use for them eventually.
My husband brought home about 6 very long pallets from one of his vending stops. Our plan was to put up a fence using them. He had about 15 more of these long pallets to bring home but someone on the night shift decided to clean up the place and burned them all.
What a disappointment that was. I was so looking forward to that. I had never seen long pallets like that before and probably never will again.. I would love to be able to finish my fence.
I found this great video that has wonderful ideas about ways to recycle all those old pallets.
I will warn you right now… the pictures go QUICK! Way to quick to be able to see all of the ideas.
Get a pen and paper ready and get ready to use the rewind button.
I loved this!