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postheadericon Shelter Dogs, Kongs, Peanut Butter and Stupid People

We have a wonderful animal shelter here in our community. For many years it was not like that..I would drive by it quickly because of the horror stories I had heard about the place. Over the years the staff and many volunteers have worked hard to over come the bad reputation that haunted them from the past.

On a typical day the shelter will have about 100 dogs…. Plus about 75 cats. A very generous donor bought Kongs enough for EACH of the dogs at the shelter.. as well as enough peanut butter to stuff in them with jars left over for more stuffing.

If you can picture this…. there were about 100 Kongs in several different sizes….. as well as a whole lot of volunteers on hand to stuff them with peanut butter… the place was hopping with out of the ordinary activity…. The Kongs were all finally stuffed so let the treats begin… What a fun thing to do and not only that but it was being live streamed on Facebook…..

Ok Ok Ok..maybe it is just me…BUT… I have spent some time at the shelter… I know that it is a noisy place. There are all sorts of pups there.. big ones, little ones, shy ones, you name it.. at any given time your able to find a very wide range of dogs…..

I had to shut off the live stream of these dogs getting these wonderful treats…. The dogs were loving it. The volunteers were getting such a good feeling out of doing something so nice for these pups…. I had to shut it off because of the IDIOTS people posting STUPID STUPID comments while it was streaming live.

Stupid as in…  So these dogs are in these small cages because you are giving them treats?
You have these dogs in these cages while their play area is being cleaned?
Why do you have so many dogs?
Is someone coming to take this dog home?

The STUPID comments were endless…. These people must have no clue what a dog shelter is. All I could think of was these are the same people that think dogs and cats are disposable….Just drop them at the shelter and someone will adopt them… they will have food, water companionship and a place to play. There will be other dogs there to keep them company.

I just wanted to scream at the stupidity at some of the comments that were being posted. Many were RUDE.. Many people were commenting on the stupid comments.. it was awful….The next morning the Video had been taken down…..

What started out to show off a wonderful gesture of kindness turned ugly…..
Please Adopt… Don’t Shop!.. and get them Spayed and Neutered…