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postheadericon What Makes Organifi Green Juice So Special and Unique?

People ask me why I like Organifi Green Juice. I tell them there are several reasons. I have always loved the idea of juicing…. but the mess that I make when ever I juiced was such a turn off to me that I seldom did it. I was so pleased when I was introduced to this powder that had all of the benefits that went along with juicing with out the mess. I found it to be my perfect alternative to juicing.

No Mess, No shopping, no chopping and not storing. and I was able to simply add it to my DE smoothy that I drink everyday. It was the perfect solution for me.

Here are a few more reasons too…


Organifi Green Juice is infused with coconut water crystals, which act as a transport to help your body actually absorb the nutrients you intake. Here at Fitlife we always say, “You are not what you eat, you are what you absorb.”

The Right Form.

We have spent 2 years sourcing only the best ingredients. We have worked with many different formulators and manufacturers to make sure we hand picked only the best of the best ingredients to include in this formula. Every ingredient is Organic, Non GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free and Soy Free. There are no artificial sweeteners, not even stevia. We sweetened it with a hint of monk fruit and mint so it tastes absolutely amazing!

Personal Experience.

Organifi Green Juice simply makes me feel better than any of the other greens supplements I have used before. I’ve tried them all – all the one in the grocery store and the ones you can order online. And while I may be biased, the testimonials from happy consumers speak for themselves. This truly is the best on the market!


This super ingredient has been shown in clinical studies to reduce stress. Stress is one of the major factors in holding onto unwanted weight. We’ve infused Organifi Green Juice with this amazing superfood to help you relax instead of reaching for a glass of red wine at the end of the day. Many have said it’s helped them sleep like a baby!

Easy On The Stomach.

Some people have sensitive digestion so they end up with an upset stomach when drinking green powders. We’ve added turmeric, which helps reduce inflammation and improve digestion. So this is great for a sensitive stomach, especially since it has increased absorbability.

You can read more about my juicing alternative here….Organifi Gree Juice

postheadericon How is that New Year Resolution working out for you?

As I write this post.. we are just starting the second week of a brand new year…. I am wondering how many people made the New Year’s resolution of getting healthier…. I am guessing that is indeed the number one resolution that is made year after year…..Was that the same resolution that you made last year too?

I gave up making resolutions years ago…. I found for me they only lasted a few days.. let alone on into the second week of the new year….

I like most people find it very hard to diet.. I always remember someone saying that the word.. “die” is actually in the word diet.. and sure enough it is. But wanting to be healthy and hating to exercise don’t really go together….. So what can a gal do?

I have been taking diatomaceous earth for several year… I have posted about the health benefits of DE many times. A few months ago I came across a product that I have been adding to my daily morning routine of DE is a smoothy….. I think these 2 together are a perfect combination.

We have all heard about the wonderful benefits of juicing… but many people including me are turned off by the MESS.. and boy can I make a mess…. and the thing is if your juicing on a daily basis… you have that daily MESS. Then there is all of the shopping for fresh fruits and vegetable.. and don’t forget all of the washing and chopping.. Gosh I am getting tired just thinking about the process of juicing…..

I was introduced to a product that I can add right to my DE smoothy….. There is no Mess.. No shopping for fresh fruits and vegetable… no shopping and I don’t have to worry about storing all that stuff that I buy…..I am now able to get all of the benefits of juicing without the mess……

You can read more about my alternative to juicing here

postheadericon I Use To Be “One Hot Momma”

For years I walked around saying, “Boy, am I HOT!”. I always snickered to myself that I was “One Hot Momma”.


I went years without a good nights sleep because of waking up repeatedly because of being so HOT. Then a few minutes later being so cold I couldn’t pull the covers up tight enough.


Does any of that sound familiar?


Those terrible dreaded hot flashes. I suffered for years. At times mine were so bad I would vomit. It was as though the contents of my stomach “boiled over”, because I was so Hot. I know, gross but true.


My Dr. put me on HRT and it did help but I was so concerned the harm it may be causing my body, I discontinued taking them.


I set out on a quest to find something natural to relieve my hot flashes. I found a product called Organifi Green Juice.


Not only did Organifi Green Juice help with my hot flashes but my whole body feels better. It may be that ripple effect of getting a better nights sleep. When your able to sleep your not so moody or grouchy. Since your better rested your whole body feels better.


I will admit I took Organifi for a good month before I noticed and difference in my hot flashes subsiding. After a good 3 months the severity was greatly diminished.


When I was on HRT I paid about $30.00 a month for that Rx. Since being on Organifi Green Juice I have cut down on the amount of vitamins I take. So cost wise for me Organifi Green Juice is a great value for my pocket book.


Every morning when I make a smoothie with diatomaceous earth, I now simply add Organifi Green Juice to it….. it has just become a part of my morning routine. I consider it my Juicing Alternative…. I make such a mess when I juice…. there is no mess with this and I get all of the benefits that you would normally get from juicing.

Another nice thing about Organifi is there is no monthly autoship and no MLM to join. Just simply purchase what you want and there is no middle man involved.


Organifi Green Juice has been a tremendous help to this former “Hot Momma”.


Perhaps it will help you too.

postheadericon My DE and Organifi Green Juice Smoothie Recipe

My DE and Organifi Green Juice Smoothie Recipe
Small amount of milk.. any kind you like
Couple of scoops of yogurt….I like either plain or vanilla…
Scoop of diatomaceous earth (DE) (The amount YOU are suppose to take)
To this I add Organifi Green Juice
Mix it a couple of second with my Magic Bullet!

This is my alternative to juicing….You can’t get any easier than this.

Here are the benefits of Organifi Green Juice…. My juicing alternative with NO MESS to clean up.
benefits at 60

postheadericon Belly Bulge and Sore Lower Back

Did you ever think for one moment that your sore back was being caused by your belly bulge?…. I didn’t either, till now.

Many people complain about having a pain in their lower back. Lower back pain can be caused my many things.. I have found that my lower back pain was being cause by my belly bulge.

Women who are pregnant, especially as they get closer to their due date often have lower back pain. That growing baby bump keeps getting bigger and the pain in the back side just keeps increasing, the muscles in the back are having to strain more and more to support that growing baby.

The exact same thing applies when you carry around excess weight in your stomach area. That belly bulge maybe causing your sore back pain too.

So, what are you going to do about it…..? The first step would be to plan to get rid of that belly bulge.

In the first place having your belly bulge is NOT flattering. Even if your are not fat…. it may make you look frumpy.  Adding excess weight to you belly is certain to make you look older…. and in many cases look like your expecting a baby….That is always a scary thought when your 50 or 60 years old.

Some people may blame that belly bulge on middle age.. and in some cases that may be true. But that is  still is no excuse to ignore that bulging belly…..

Eating a healthy diet and adding a bit of exercise to your daily routine will help a lot. But for many that is not enough. Some people swear by juicing to help them lose that extra weight they are hauling around. Juicing to me is just to messy.

I no longer juice, I have found a juicing alternative. It is perfect for me, because there is no more endless shopping for fresh ingredients… no more chopping… there is no more mess. I now simply drink GreenJuice…. Now before you say “gross”.. I will have you know that I simply add it to my smoothie. It adds a great flavor to it.

I am getting lots of good stuff added to my diet…. and I don’t have a mess to clean up. You can learn more about what I am doing to reduce my belly bulge by clicking HERE.

benefits at 60

postheadericon Organifi Green Juice: My Juicing Alternative

  Organifi Green Juice
I have been adding diatomaceous earth to my smoothie for a couple of years and just recently added Organifi Green Juice to the mixture.

I am sure you have been hearing the many wonderful benefits of juicing for a long time, I know that I have. I don’t juice, the thought has always turned me off.. because I hate messes. To me juicing sounds like I could make a huge mess. It is not like you do it once and the stuff lasts for a week.. to me it sounds like a commitment that you would do everyday…..No Thanks!

I have found a juicing alternative… I can now get healthy superfoods in One Drink… With No Shopping, No Blending, No Juicing, and NO CLEAN-UP!  That sounded like such a great thing to me.. so I ordered some Organifi Green Juice.

The order came within a few days. The next morning I added a bit to my smoothie right along with my DE… it made the pretties green color. My Magic Bullet whipped the entire concoction up in just a couple of seconds… it gave my regular smoothie a great new flavor….

My DE Smoothie Recipe
Small amount of milk.. any kind you like
Couple of scoops of vanilla yogurt….( I have PLAIN Yogurt on my list for my next shopping trip)
Scoop of diatomaceous earth (The amount YOU are suppose to take)
To this I add Organifi Green Juice
Mix it a couple of second with my Magic Bullet!

benefits at 60

You can find out more about this product as well as see the list of ingredients it contains by clicking HERE….

postheadericon Juicing Alternative Without The Mess


Getting enough fruits and vegetables is now easier with this juicing alternative without the mess

When it comes to making messes I am one of the best at doing so. When it comes to juicing I bet I can make a bigger mess than anyone. I don’t try to make a mess.. It just happens.

I am not sure how you juice but when I have juiced in the past…. I started out with all of the stuff that I wanted to put into my juicer…. after it was washed and chopped a bit, I added it to the juice machine. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it… to me I already have a mess.. and if just once.. just once I were able to pour what I just whipped into a glass without spilling it.. I would be totally amazed with myself.

So, am I the only one who makes a mess when juicing?… Enter my juicing alternative.

Juicing made easy…. A faster and much easier way to get what your body needs without all the mess.

My juicing alternative is Organifi Green Juice….. No messes anymore for me. I simply scoop and stir.

I tried Organifi Green Juice because I was looking for a juicing alternative…I like what I found. You can read all about the health benefits of this great product by clicking HERE.