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postheadericon Readers Recipe for Making Dog and Cat Food Using Diatomaceous Earth

I always like to hear how people use DE. … I thought you might as well. I got this from a reader the other day of how she makes dog and cat food for her critters using diatomaceous earth. She makes enough at a time that she is able to freeze it and have it available when needed.

Good morning guys. Busy day yesterday. I am doing my fall cleaning so I was busy in the kitchen yesterday.  Also made another batch of pet food. That takes time.

First I have to boil then simmer the turkey backs and necks, and beef liver in water with apple cider vinegar. They simmer all day. Then I put them in the Ninja blender with 1 cup of peanut butter, 2/3 cup of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth,  1/2 bag of wild blueberries,  can of pure pumpkin,  one package of chopped spinach,  mix that all together. It usually takes 2 pitchers to mash it all up. I then put it all into a large basin and mix it with raw beef and some organic coconut oil that has been melted. Mix it by hand all together. Sometimes I add raw eggs and shells or just egg shells I have ground up, but yesterday I didn’t have any on hand.

It usually takes 40 minutes to mix everything and pack it to freeze it. All the while the dogs & cats are like little kids waiting to lick the bowl and spoons when something is being baked.

P. Nowosad