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postheadericon Condo For Your Kitty…

Cat tree plansMy cats love their kitty condo. They can play on it for hours and when they are tired of playing they take a nap on it. Since I have a few more cats than most people our kitty condo gets rather crowded at times.

We decided to go to the pet store and buy another condo for our little darlings. I must say I had sticker SHOCK when I saw the price of them. We decided to come home and shop for them online… thinking that we would be able to get a better deal. Well I have to admit that the prices were a bit cheaper but then we added the cost of shipping in and once again I had sticker SHOCK.

Me being the tight wad that I am I hate to pay shipping anyway so I continued my online search for a kitty condo… it was then that I came across the solution to a less expensive play area for my kitty’s.

I found a site that I would be able to download instructions for making my own. Now don’t go freaking out on me.. and rolling your eyes… tossing up your hand and saying NOT ME!… NO Way!

The instructions were printed out very plain but it also had pictures… Lots of pictures…. In fact it had 280 pictures and diagrams in the 102 page eBook.. I was able to get it instantly and then the first job was to choose from the 11 cat trees designs and look at the different options that I had to customize it…. This was the hardest part about making my kitty condo.

It was a fun project. I could of done it myself but hubby insisted on helping me.. Gosh I have no idea why.. he simply has to look at any type of a tool and he gets a cut on his hand.

If your in the market or a kitty condo and you have also been SHOCKED by the cost of a new one you might want to check into making one yourself. After it was all over hubby suggest that “WE” make them to SELL!.. I am not sure where he got that “WE” stuff from but I think that he was trying to tell me in his own way that not only the kitty’s liked their new “digs” but he thought it turned out pretty nice as well….

You can read all about how you can make your own kitty condo here.

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