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postheadericon What the heck is Hypertufa?


trough-flowersIt is the dead of winter here in Michigan…. As I look out from my window I see nothing but SNOW.. lots of snow. The shrubs are bending over with the weight of snow from the last storm that we got. We not only had snow but we also had wind… so the drifts have made the snow especially deep in some places.

It may be very cold outside but I have been busy inside where it is warm planning for SPRING. When the weather warms up I am going to make my own planters, rocks and boulders. I already know where I am going to place them. My art objects are going to be made with a method called Hypertufa.

Hypertufa is no different than making mud pies…. I have fond memories of mixing dirt and water together and putting it in molds. It was a fun way to spend an afternoon. None of those mud pies survived. Hyputfia will last many years, much longer than the pies I made when I was little…. Hypertufa is just like making mud pies except you use a base of Portland cement to hold things together. The projects or art work that you make using the process know as hypertufa is not HEAVY as if it were made on concrete…. though in most cases it is just as strong.

The porous material makes it especially good to use as planters. The appearance comes out rather rustic looking.. blending right in with nature. The sky is the limit on what your able to do with this wonderful molding material.
Making a birdbath using a huge leaf is going to me my first project this spring…

I have several pots on my front porch that I have planted with all types of different flowers and vegetables. I have had these pots for several years… this year might be the year that I will make all new pots for my container garden. You too can learn the Secret to Container Gardening just as I did by clicking here.

As with anything this is going to be a learning process. I waste so much time with my typical trial an error method.. though I must admit I like to do it that way… This time I am reading how someone else did it… offering step by step instructions and knowing what to avoid…

I can plan my projects now while I lookout at the snow… When SPRING comes I will be all ready to go.

The plan is to make the birdbath first…. but then I have to choose what to work on next..
• Troughs • Spheres • Free Form Molding • Sculpting • Rocks • Stepping Stones •
This is the book I am reading Hypertufa How-To Manual by Claudia F. Brownlie