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postheadericon The Secret World of Parasites

I have found the most interesting article about parasites. It made me itch and by the time I was done reading it I felt as though something was crawling all over me.
The article is entitled…..Silent Killers, The Secret World of Parasites by Joseph Sterling 

This article no doubt will shock a lot of people. But shock will probably be one of the more pleasant symptoms that one will experience. One thing is for sure: this informative report should not be read while eating or immediately before or after a meal. However, the importance of carefully examining this subject is not highly recommended but could be as vital to many people as life and death. I am of course referring to the parasites that lurk in the human body and how detrimental they are to our health and well being. It’s unavoidable that this topic will cause disgust and queasiness in many of us, which is probably the result of the taboo imposed on the topics of such less than glamorous aspects of our lives.

Hopefully the following quote will help unmask this taboo once and for all:
“I believe the single most undiagnosed health challenge in the history of the human race is parasites. I realize that is a pretty brave statement, but it is based on my twenty years of experience with more than 20,000 patients.” (Dr. Ross Anderson, One of America’s foremost parasitic infection specialists.)

I would probably have remained as ignorant to this subject as most people, had it not been for one of my co workers, a nutritionist who decided to make her “life mission” to introduce me to the world of parasites. My first reaction was probably similar to that of any other “normal” person: “Please leave me alone, you and your parasites,” I said to her indignantly, “Because I don’t want to lose my appetite for no reason. We don’t live in a Third World country, but in one of the most sterile and most developed societies in the world, where we don’t have to worry about such things.”

Later, however, my opinion changed quite drastically (as to why, you’ll find out shortly). My great interest in proper nutrition, disease prevention, and alternative medicine, coupled with my co workers insistence that certainly piqued my curiosity about this largely unexplored topic, propelled me toward doing more research on this subject. I began perusing piles of books along with dozens of articles written by  various doctors and experts on this subject. I spent many nights searching the rambling channels of the Internet, hungry for information.

As I started acquiring all this knowledge, I grew more and more determined, being an editor of a health newsletter to share these facts with my readers, even though this is no the sort of topic I would normally discuss openly. I felt that this information is vitally important and could improve the health of many and, in some worst case scenarios, even save their lives.
I strongly advise our readers not to toss this article aside, simply because they think that they can’t stomach the subject or because they feel it doesn’t apply to them! By the time you reach the end of this article, you will realize that this information is essential for you and those you care about. In any case, as amazing as it seems, statistics show that 8-9 out of 10 of us are infected with parasites. It will also become quite apparent that this phenomenon is much more widespread than most people in the U.S. think.
“Make no mistake about it, parasites are the most toxic agents in the human body. They are one of the primary underlying causes of disease and are the most basic cause of a compromised immune system.” (Dr. Hazel Parcells, D.C.,N.D., Ph.D.)
To find out what a parasite is, we turn to one of America’s foremost parasitic infection specialists, the afore mentioned Dr. Ross Anderson. “A parasite is an organism that lives off the host, the host being you or me. The parasite lives a parallel life inside our bodies, feeding off either our own energy, our own cells, or food we eat. Parasites are even feeding off the health supplements we use, thus greatly diminishing their effectiveness.”
“In recent medical studies it has been estimated that 85% of the North American adult population has at least one form of parasites living in their bodies. Some authorities feel this figure may be as high as 95%.”
Humans can play “host” to over one hundred different kinds of parasites, ranging from microscopic to several feet long tapeworms. Contrary to popular belief, parasites are NOT restricted to our colon alone, but can be found in other parts of the body; the lungs, the liver, in the muscles and joints, in the esophagus, the brain, the blood, the skin, and even in the eyes!

The famous Dr. Zoltan Rona, author of many books and newspaper columns writes: “The incidents of parasitic disease in North America is skyrocketing because of increased international travel, contamination of the water and food supply (ed.: do you remember a few years ago 400,000 people in Milwaukee, almost half of that cities population, fell sick due to a water born parasite which made it’s way into the city water supply?) and the overuse of chemicals, mercury and prescription antibiotics….. Tapeworms, hookworms, and a long list of amoebae are far more common in the North American population than conventional medical experts have led the population to believe… Parasites are found in highest concentration in commercial pork products (bacon, ham, hot dogs, cold cuts, pork chops, etc.). Beef, chicken, lamb, and even fish are contaminated.”
Obviously this is not good news for any society that typically consumes a lot of meat and meat products. For example, the pork tapeworm can infect us if we consume sausage, ham, bacon, or other pork products. We tend to think that tapeworms can only infect our intestines, yet the tapeworm’s larvae can actually be found in our central nervous system, muscles, and even in the heart, eyes and brain.
“In terms of numbers, there are more parasitic infections acquired in this country than in Africa.” (Dr. Frank Nova, Chief of the Laboratory for Parasitic Diseases of the National Institute of Health)
If you later view the pictures of the various and often extremely long parasites (see parasites link) you probably wonder how such beasts could live inside our bodies without us being aware of them? “The answer to this is simple,” writes Dr. Anderson. “The purpose of a parasite is not to make itself known. A parasite lives without being detected because if it is detected, of course, something is going to be done to eradicate it. If you think parasites are stupid, think again. They are highly intelligent organisms. Not intelligent in the same way humans are, but they are intelligent in their ability to survive and reproduce, which is of course the purpose of any organism on this planet…”
So how can a parasite exist in the body without making it’s presence known? In fact, many people are indeed aware of them. If you know how to read your body and how to interpret its signals, then the presence of a parasite can be determined quite easily by many people. However, if you accept that it’s normal to have low energy levels and health challenges, that it’s normal to have skin rashes, pains, frequent colds, flu and constipation ( the list of things parasites can cause is very long) then you may never know whether you have parasites.”
Dr. Thomas J. Brooks writes in his book The Essentials of Medical Parasitology: “Tapeworms are among the oldest parasites of the human race. Indeed, some species have become so well adapted to life in the human intestine, that the host (man) may be entirely asymptomatic.”
The traditional method for checking for parasites is examining the stool. Unfortunately, this test is frequently unreliable. The only way to detect parasites in a stool is if the eggs are noticed under a microscope. If, however, the parasite living in your body did not lay eggs during that period, it’s presence can go undetected. Some doctors recommend 3 stool samples taken at different time periods, but unfortunately this isn’t always enough either, since parasites don’t always have regular “egg laying schedule.”
It’s also important to note the incredible quantity of eggs of which parasites can lay. For example, a female hook worm can lay 10,000 – 25,000 eggs at a time. The pictured round worm can grow up to sixteen inches long (40 cm) and is capable of laying 200,000 eggs PER DAY. The longest can be caught from eating fish and is appropriately named a fish tape worm; a mature adult can reach an incredible 30 feet (9 meters) in length and can lay 1,000,000 eggs.
“We have a tremendous parasite problem right here in the U.S., it is just not being addressed.” (Dr. Peter Wina, Chief of the Patho-Biology in the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research)
What telltale signs might we find that could indicate parasites’ presence in our bodies? The possible symptoms are almost endless. Some of the most widespread symptoms are listed below. These “intelligent” creatures are sometimes so clever that they can mask their presence through some of the most common diseases around. That is why so many nutrition experts recommend doing a parasite cleanse to all those suffering from every day ailments that traditional medicine was not able to address.


CONSTIPATION: Organs can actually be blocked by the presence of worms, particularly those of larger size. Normal elimination may no longer occur when worms block the common bile duct and intestinal tract.

GAS AND BLOATING: Many parasites make their home in the small intestine. In fact, gas and bloating can often be a red flag for parasite invasion, which causes the inflammation and irritation of that region of the colon. Distention, bloating, gas, and other symptoms can appear in various degrees for many months or many years if the problem is not properly addressed.

DIARRHEA: Diarrhea itself may, in fact, be an actual function of an invading parasite. Some parasites, especially protozoa, produce a hormone like substance which depletes the body of chloride and sodium, resulting in watery and frequent stools.

PAINS OR ACHES IN THE BACK, JOINTS, OR MUSCLES: According to a 1998 book The Parasite Menace and the American Medical Association, doctors correctly diagnose a disease only 16% of the time and the average laboratory diagnosis correctly about 20%. For example, it’s not uncommon for parasites to become enclosed in a sac within joint fluid. Worms have been known to do the same in muscle tissue. As a result, there is pain, which may be frequently mistaken for arthritis, or other joint disorders. Pain and swelling may also occur due to the body’s immune system responding to the presence of parasites, or from tissue damage due to irritation by parasites.

IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME: Gastrointestinal symptoms, caused by parasites disrupting the condition of the intestinal cell wall, can lead to malabsorption of important nutrients, especially essential fats. These fats, used by our bodies to run smoothly and efficiently, are vital for optimal body functioning. Many people assume that chronic digestive problems, pains in the stomach, fatigue and other vague symptoms are just something you have to live with, however, many of these problems can indeed be caused by parasites living within.

ALLERGIES: Irritation and breakage of the intestinal lining due to parasitic activity can increase bowel permeability to undigested food. This can result in the body’s increased production of eosinophiles (a type of dense cells in the body). These cells can inflame tissue and cause an allergic reaction. That’s why those who have allergies often have high levels of eosinophiles.

EATING MORE THAN NORMAL BUT STILL BEING HUNGRY, ITCHY EARS, NOSE, UNPLEASANT SENSATIONS IN THE STOMACH, ETC.: These are often associated with other diseases. But can also be a sign of a severe parasite infestation. Other possible symptoms of parasites are: problems with the menstrual cycle in women, lips dry during the day and/or moist at night, sexual dysfunction, and even bed wetting.

NERVOUSNESS OR GRUMPINESS: Your nervous system can easily be irritated by the parasites’ metabolic waste and toxins resulting in anxiety, agitation or restlessness, and cause people to be moody, nervous, grumpy, easily upset or impatient. Perhaps that is why after completing a parasite cleansing program, many people swear that their persistently grouchy relatives or friends have become a lot more pleasant and patient. Maria Callas, a legendary opera, was overweight, had skin problems and mood swings. After discovering she had tape worms and getting rid of them, her skin problems eased, she lost weight, and her temper significantly improved.

CHRONIC FATIGUE, LETHARGY OR APATHY: Improper absorption of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and other nutrients and vitamins can result when parasites rob these from our bodies or cause intestinal damage. Several physical and mental symptoms of chronic fatigue or general weakness can result. These include lack of concentration, difficulty with memory, feeling lethargic, weak or sluggish, lack of motivation, apathy, depression, slow reflexes or flu like symptoms.

VARIOUS SKIN PROBLEMS: Protozoan parasites can cause a variety of skin conditions, including acne, swelling, sores, ulcers, lesions, dermatitis, cutaneous leishmaniasis (leishmania), skin rashes, hives, weeping eczma, and more. Further more, in this day and age of widespread international travel it’s easy to pick up parasites while traveling or from those traveling to the U.S.

PROBLEMS SLEEPING: When the body eliminates metabolic and toxic wastes (including those produced by the parasites) through the liver, restlessness and awakenings can occur during the night resulting in problems in sleeping. Two other possible symptoms of parasites presence are excessive yet un refreshing sleep and a strong urge to nap during the day.

NUTRIENT DEFICIENCIES AND ANEMIA: Intestinal worms can leech essential nutrients from our bodies when they attach themselves to intestinal lining. If their numbers are sufficient, they can create a severe iron deficiency called pernicious anemia which is also linked to a deficiency of vitamin B-12 (deficiency of B-12 can also be caused by a parasite infestation in the body).

IMMUNE SYSTEM PROBLEMS: Giardia and other parasites can significantly reduce the production of immunoglobulin A, our bodies major source of sercretory antibodies, and thus can depress our immunity. Over time, by wearing down the immune system in this manner, parasites can seriously inhibit the bodies ability in battling viral and bacterial infections. A healthy and well functioning immune system is our key to staying healthy and disease free.

TOOTH GRINDING OR CLENCHING: According to “Parasites: An epidemic in disguise”, 25% to as many as 90% of the children of the U.S. have pin worms. Many have other kinds of parasites. One condition, most noticeable in children, bruxism -or unconscious grinding, gritting or clenching of the teeth during sleep -has been observed in some people with parasites. This can be a nervous system response to the presence of parasites and it’s effect on the body.

EXCESS WEIGHT, FORGETFULNESS, BLURRY OR UNCLEAR VISION AND SO ON: The following may also be tell tale signs of a parasitic invasion: weight gain, excessive hunger, weight loss or loss of appetite, asthma, bad taste in the mouth and bad breath, diabetes, migraines and as incredible as it may sound, even the biggest killers: heart disease and cancer.
Some of the experts are quite cautious about this subject and will only  acknowledge a “possible” link between parasites and these diseases. Other doctors, like the much quoted Dr. Hulda Clark, in her ground breaking books “The Cure for All Cancers” and “The Cure for All diseases” claims that most cancers are caused by the “fasciolopsis buskii” parasite and that every single one of her cancer patients had parasites.
Although the doctor’s point of view is based on hundreds of well documented case histories, her skillfully argued view can be considered by some to be controversial. Yet some of us may wonder at this point why all the worlds doctors are presumably trying to find a way to help prevent  cancer and heart disease if the answer is simpler than we think.
The politics of disease treatment is a hotly debated subject and a topic of many future articles. We recommend to our readers by Dr. James P. Carter, M.D, Ph.D., “Racketeering in Medicine: The Sup-pression of Alternatives” which clearly demonstrates, with the help of mountains of evidence, how the pharmaceutical and medical establishments try to systematically deny Americans bona-fied therapies by dismissing them as quackery and persecute and discredit alternative medicine, doctors, and health care providers. They stand to lose large profits built into the prescription drugs, surgeries and other expensive solutions, and they know it.
The quickest way for parasite larva to enter our bodies is through contaminated foods, improperly washed fruit and vegetables, and insufficiently cooked meats and fish:
“I was working on the fishing boats; my captain was of Norwegian descent, and would always get a little salmon and dry it out and offer me chunks of this fresh salmon. I would refuse. Several years later he came in to see me at my practice, and I found out that he had passed a 20 foot and 8 foot tapeworm. He also mentioned that for years he had diarrhea, digestive upset and heartburn, and by passing these worms he had cleared all that up.” Dr. John Matson from “What’s Challenging your Health.”
There is another very sure way of contracting parasites, and that is from our pets. Most pets are hosts to several kinds of parasites, and their eggs are frequently spread into the environment through their stools. From their stool, they end up in their coats, whence we humans get infected through petting, hugging, kissing the animals or even through the air. This is especially dangerous for young children who frequently, you could say, “love their pets a lot more unconditionally” than adults do. The risk for pregnant women or those whose immune system is already weakened is also greater.


The majority of parasites are found in the colon. Homeopaths, naturopaths and, now, even physicians all agree: “90% of all disease or discomfort is directly or indirectly related to an unclean colon (due to impacted fecal matter)” Royal Academy of Physicians of Great Britain.
The Academy identified 36 different kinds of poisonous substances that form in the large intestine. These toxins are absorbed into the blood stream and have a detrimental affect on the body.
The legendary Dr. Paul Bragg, an author of many best sellers about the importance of internal cleansing and the originator of America’s health-food stores, always stressed that being “internally clean” is a lot more important than being “externally clean”.
We all take showers at least 1 or 2 times every day to try and keep our bodies externally clean and yet we constantly neglect cleaning our insides on a regular basis, which, in many ways, is far more important to health than external cleaning. “People are constantly hurting themselves by eating inappropriate foods and promoting the creation of toxins and colon build-up in their bodies, which can only be taken out by natural cleansing processes.” Dr. Bragg is the best example of his own teachings. He died at the age of 96 in a tragic accident while engaging in his favorite hobby, surfing. When the doctors performed the autopsy, they discovered that the condition of his body was almost that of an 18-year-old man. He was exceedingly healthy and strong as a bull right up to his tragic death.
Another well known appropriate proponent of regular internal cleansing is Dr. Brian Carpenter who says that, “we must clean the built-up fecal matter out of our colon, in order to avoid self-poisoning. If we don’t take the appropriate steps to rid our colons of this build up, and the parasites that set up home there, then we are actually allowing our bodies to get more and more toxified with each passing day. When the body is trying to absorb nutrients through the colon, which is backed up, it is actually absorbing poisonous fecal matter. Toxins also block enzymes and nothing in the body functions properly without enzymes. Now we’re starting to get a better view of why 90% of all diseases start in the colon, because toxins are the cause of diseases plus the lack of proper nutrition on a cellular level.”
Medical facts  reinforce Dr. Carpenter’s views: Today in North America the third most common reason for hospitalization among 15-44 years old are digestive disorders. Between the ages of 45-64, digestive problems become the second most common reason for hospitalization (self toxification increases with age).
Not only colon build-up but parasites can also be a major cause of weight gain.
According to Dr. Bernard Jensen, the father of iridology in the U.S. and a foremost expert in colon research and therapy, “the average person over 40 has between 5 and 25 pounds of build-up in their colon. Parasites of all sizes thrive in this indisposed residue of fecal matter, slowly but surely toxifying the whole body.”
Many of our readers already know how unhealthy colon build-up is. Unless eliminated promptly, the food in our bodies tends to putrefy and poison our systems. Now we see that it is also wonderful breeding ground for all sorts of parasites.
What’s interesting is that parasites, given this colon build-up, end up receiving the best nourishment possible. They gratefully indulge in the most nutritious parts of a person’s diet, leaving only crumbs for the host. This may be why so many people don’t notice an improvement in their health, despite a healthy lifestyle and vitamin supplementation. A healthy diet without a prior and thorough internal cleanse is significantly less effective than it could be. Dr. Donald Kelly, a leading expert in weight management had this to say on the subject: “parasites are a major cause of obesity since they deprive the body of the proper nutrients and leave us only empty calories as leftovers. The body also starts craving more and more food as it is starved for the ever so-needed vitamins and minerals.”

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