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    I heard a wonderful interview on the radio the other day….. It was about a product that helped not only aging pets but also those with past trauma or aggressive and behavioral issues. .. Since I have a traumatized little feral beagle at home… I turned up the radio and listened closer. The product is […]
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postheadericon Is Diatomaceous Earth Kosher?

candlestick-holder-152241__180I had the most unusual question this morning asked by a reader to my Facebook Page about Diatomaceous Earth (DE). Well at least I thought it was unusual… In the first place I had never thought about it before… and I had no idea why someone would ask…..The question was “Is DE Kosher”.

Since I had no idea the answer to the question.. I Googled it!… It seems that there was a lot of information about it. I found several places that used the term kosher right on their website when describing the Diatomaceous Earth that they were selling.

I was still not sure how to answer the readers question so I went to the home page of the company that supplies the DE that I promote…. Perma-Guard. After a bit of poking around I found a link on their page and found that Perma-Guard diatomaceous earth is kosher…. WHO KNEW? Certainly NOT me.

So from now on I can say with confidence…. Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth that I promote is indeed Kosher…. You can get your kosher DE here…. from the same place I do. Earth Works Health