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postheadericon Hives and Diatomaceous Earth

I had to share this testimonial with you about getting rid of hives using diatomaceous earth.

I just want to share ONE of the main things that DE has done for me. There are many other things worth listing too but I just wanted to point out what I thought would be impossible to heal.

I have used DE about a year ago with only positive results. I stopped after a couple of months (can’t even remember why!) and recently started again. About 8 months ago I was taking iodine as I was thinking I was iodine deficient, I noticed my lymph nodes starting to swell and ache upon taking it (in hindsight, perhaps I was allergic?) and still continued to use it as I thought I was “absorbing” the iodine (I did read some things and that can be a symptom for some with taking it).

Well, I stopped taking that after a few weeks as I was forgetting to take it in the end… Then my health problems started… I developed hives and would get them whenever I was slightly physical, like bringing firewood into the house, and also whenever I had strong emotion (belly laughing, crying etc.). I noticed I would get really hot in my neck on both sides under my ears and it would feel as though something was draining and it was extremely itchy. The hotness would spread down to my shoulders and down my arms and also down my torso to the back of my legs. I would be itchy all over. I couldn’t even be physical at work! My skin was sore and dry. I felt that my face was aging and was really dull looking and whenever I broke out I looked diseased. It was like I had a auto-immune disease, my body was attacking itself. This lasted until 2 weeks ago when I had the brilliant idea to start DE again.

After 2 days of taking it I noticed that I didn’t get the “hotness” in my neck when bringing in firewood and a week later I was going about doing normal things around the house, like vacuuming, and noticed I hadn’t broken out. Now 2 weeks later, my skin looks AMAZING on my face! It’s all one colour, almost luminous, and I look AND FEEL healthy.

I have not broken out once with hives since taking only 1 tablespoon mixed in water every morning on an empty stomach. The doctors I went to for help told me to take anti-histamines everyday and I did just to keep it under control, especially in summer when it was extremely hot, but they still weren’t 100% effective.

I also feel it has contributed to my brain health, I feel more calm, even more confident. The high silica content is extremely beneficial for an array of things.. I am just so grateful that I have re-discovered this miracle that has taken away the awful hives I had and will continue taking it for a long, long time to come

I want to also add that I have have read many people suffering from hives searching and reaching out to others for a natural cure. I believe that DE COULD possibly be that. I have started to share this information with them.