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postheadericon How do you handle grief?

“Grief”…. at this time many people are experiencing that horrible emotion called grief. That feeling of being alone, that feeling of hopelessness…To many it is like they are in a deep hole all alone and looking up there is no light to be seen… not even a glimmer

Some people are better at hiding their emotions than others. Even though most people have a support system in place, many are just not able to cope with grief.

According to the dictionary the definition of grief is.. “deep sorrow, especially that caused by someone’s death.” Dealing with the loss of a loved one takes time to heal.

Losing a loved one can happen in a couple of different ways…. after suffering from a long illness, even though you may have time to prepare for the death of someone after a long illness.. it never seems like you have prepared enough. Losing someone to an accident or a sudden heart attack… when there was no time to prepare can be even harder to overcome.

My husband had not been feeling well for months but refused to go to the Dr… when he finally did he was immediately scheduled for open heart surgery…I wrote a blog post about that very scary time… You can read it here…. Would You Be Prepared if your spouse died Unexpectedly?

It is not just the loss of a loved one either…many times a person can suffer the same type of grief when they experience the loss of a beloved pet. I know to some people who are not animal loves that statement may seem ridicules… But I for one know that feeling well. I lost my beloved Andrew to bloat over 20 years ago and to this day I am not able to speak about him without crying.

Along with grief comes stress, it seems that one feeds off of the other, making both feelings worse. So what do you do?

Some people may opt to join some sort of grief support group or go to see a grief counselor. Others would try to heal themselves on their own. Since I am a very private person.. I do believe the latter would be the option I would choose… I do know many people who have been helped by both a counselor as well as a support group… It is just something that I do not think would be right for me….

Please take a bit of comfort in knowing that others are suffering from grief also. Here is a website that has many resources available that may help with the grief you or someone you know could benefit from.

Grief is a terrible feeling of being overwhelmed, people should try to find what works for them. Perhaps having a guide would be of help to someone suffering from grief… Here is an eBook, it is called, “Back to Life, A Personal Grief Guide“….