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  • Placer mining operations 1960s
    I enjoy watching the television shows about mining in Alaska…. May I say they are nothing like this video shows about mining in the 60s. I know that I have said on some of these videos that my back aches watching people work so hard…. When I watched this one, I not only thought that […]
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postheadericon Parasites Affect Poor Americans

As if poor Americans didn’t have enough to worry about.. now they can add “parasites” to that list. Study finds that roundworms may infect close to 1/4 of inner city black kids… How scary and sad too. You can read the article below.

Parasites affecting poor Americans

Roundworms may infect close to one-fourth of inner city black children, tapeworms are the leading cause of seizures among U.S. Hispanics and other parasitic diseases associated with poor countries are also affecting Americans, a U.S. expert said Tuesday.

Studies show many of the poorest Americans living in the United States carry some of the same parasitic infections that affect the poor in Africa, Asia and Latin America, said Dr. Peter Hotez, a tropical disease expert at George Washington University and editor in chief of the Public Library of Science journal Neglected Tropical Diseases.

 December 31, 2007|From Times Wire Reports

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