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postheadericon Alphabetical Index of Parasitic Diseases

Here is a link from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
This is an Alphabetical Index of Parasitic Diseases

What a list…I bet you can’t say even a quarter of the names on it….
I know I can’t

postheadericon Parasites… Another Cause of Disease

Medical studies have estimated that 85-95% of the North American population has at least one form of parasite living in their bodies. There are more parasitic infections in the United States than in Africa. Chances are pretty good that you are in that percent and have a parasite living inside you. I found another great article . Here is the contact email.

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Parasites Cause Disease and Are More Prevalent Than You Think

Parasites are probably the most unsuspected cause of disease among human beings. Medical studies have estimated that 85-95% of the North American population has at least one form of parasite living in their bodies. There are more parasitic infections in the United States than in Africa.

A parasite is an organism that lives off the host (human body). It obtains food from the host and contributes nothing to its welfare. Some parasites harm their hosts by causing irritation and interfering with bodily functions, while others destroy tissues and release toxins into the body. Parasites range in size from microscopic to several feet long, and there can be over 100 different types of parasites living in the human body. A female parasite can release 3,000 to 200,000 eggs per day depending on their type. They live and breed inside your intestinal tract, but they can infect the lungs, liver, brain, muscles and joints, blood, skin, sinuses, and eyes. An ABC News special in November 2008 reported on a woman who underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor. However, during the surgery, neurosurgeons found a parasitic worm that was eating her brain.

Parasites can also live in the body for many, many years. In 1979, a British study done on 600 former prisoners from World War II, who had been stationed in the Far East, found that 15% were still infected with a parasite that they had contracted during the war.

Parasites are a major cause of disease. They secrete toxins and steal vital nutrients from our bodies which can create an extremely stressed immune system; they can cause physical trauma by perforating the intestines, circulatory system, lungs, liver, brain, and, in general, the whole body; they can erode, damage or block certain organs by lumping together in balls, and have been mistaken for cancer tumors; they depress the immune system; and they can destroy cells faster than cells can be regenerated.

Giardia is the most prevalent intestinal parasite in humans, and is found in drinking water. Malaria is caused from a bite from a parasite-infected mosquito. (According to the World Health Organization, malaria kills nearly 2 million people and infects 400 to 500 million each year.) Arthritis can be caused by microscopic parasites getting into your joints and eating the calcium linings of your bones.

Symptoms will be very similar to a number of different diseases or ailments. Some of the common symptoms are constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, sleeplessness, restlessness, depression, irritability or mood swings, allergies, prone to disease, weight gain, skin conditions, blurred vision, bad breath, worsening memory, and lack of concentration. Other conditions of parasitic infection could be acid reflux, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, migraines, and even heart disease and cancer.

There are many ways you can get parasites – contaminated foods (uncooked meats and unclean fruits and vegetables), contaminated water (especially in lakes, rivers and streams), poor hygiene, pets, inhaling dust (can contain dried forms of parasites) and blood sucking insects (mosquito). And guess what else? Contaminated food handlers have been found to be the biggest culprits in the transmission of parasites.

There are practical ways to prevent parasitic infections. The most effective way is to practice good personal hygiene – wash your hands several times a day. Wash all fruits and vegetables, thoroughly cook meats and fish, drink pure water, keep your living environment clean, and de-worm your pets. Also, avoid high carbohydrate, low protein diets, and sugar (parasites love sugar).

If you think you may have a parasitic infection, initially, the best way to begin to eliminate parasites is to cleanse your colon in conjunction with a parasite cleanse. Parasites can’t live in a healthy colon

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postheadericon Would you know if you had parasites?

Do you think you have a parasite? Before you say “of course NOT” you may be shocked to know that many people do indeed have parasite and have no idea that they are playing host to these creepy things…..Great Article from website.

Do You Have Parasites, But Just Aren’t Aware?

Parasites are everywhere, and according to the article Are you clear of Parasites, by Dr. Ross Anderson, 85 to 95 percent of the adult population has parasites. If this is the case, how do we get them? Unfortunately, you can get them from water, uncooked meat, and unwashed vegetables. You can even get them from, shaking hands, sharing drinks, kissing and even inhaling dust which contains a dried form of these organisms.

Though it is not necessary to get paranoid about having them, it is important to get rid of them.

What is a parasite? A parasite is an organism that lives off of the host humans or animals. The parasite lives inside our bodies feeding off of the food we eat, even the supplements we take.

How do you know if you have parasites? Some signs that a person has parasites include itchy nose, ears, or anus, sexual dysfunction, forgetfulness, gas, bloating, fatigue, heart pain, unclear thinking and weight gain.

Other symptoms may include constipation, allergies, diarrhea, pains or aches in the back, joints or muscles and eating more than normal but still being hungry.

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postheadericon Learn How And Why Parasite Infections Are On The Rise

I have recently posted several articles about parasites.  The post were not only about how disgusting they are but also about how many people may actually have parasite and don’t even know it.

The following article has just been posted by Kate Freer. The post goes into great detail not only about why parasite infections are on the rise but also WHY….. you can read Kate Freer article below.

Parasitic Infections Are Dramatically Rising

NOTE: I am not claiming in any way that Morgellons is Parasites, just how uniformed doctors are. Walk into a doctors office and tell them you think you have parasites and they’ll ask what countries you’ve been too. Meanwhile America has more live stock in their own homes than any other country in the world, and any animal that must be dewormed is livestock, just because it’s been trained to poop outside so you can then go and pick it up doesn’t mean it’s not livestock.

Parasitic Infections Are Dramatically Rising in America.
Learn How and Why This Could Be So
It is Estimated that 90% of Americans Are Infected with Parasites
Story by Kate Freer


paraMost Americans would not even entertain the thought that they could have parasites.Worms infesting their gut and intestines, certainly not me. Only poor people who live in 3rd world countries have parasites. We live the American dream and worms in our intestines is not a possibility. I am afraid that is not true. It is a great health threat that you need to learn about.

Why would Americans have parasitic problems? Parasites are in every aspect of our environment including the food, soil and water we drink. They are found in every economic level but more so in poorer communities. There are 150,000 different kinds of parasites. There are only a few that have standard tests to identify the infestation. The parasites are usually discovered during surgery when the failed organ is opened. The shocked surgeons find on examination, parasites infecting the tissue.

Who is most at risk for parasitic infections: All of us! It has been estimated that 90 percent of the North American population has at least one kind of worm in their intestine. Many doctors now feel that parasite infections may be the causative factor in many disease states. People who are living in poorer communities are of greater risk but anyone no matter what economic status can have parasites. You may not think you have any risk for parasites so I ask you to read the rest of this article.

Do you have a dog or cat you sleep with? You are at high risk for roundworm infection. Most dogs and cats do have roundworms. Is is not a good idea, health wise, to sleep with your pets. I know I am treading on a sensitive subject but it is true. You put yourself greatly at risk for parasitic infections when you sleep with your pets.

Do you eat raw fish? Parasites especially a certain kind of roundworm (Anisakis worms) are found in uncooked or undercooked fish. Its damage in the organs can be fatal. There is a lack of FDA inspectors so only 10 percent of fresh fish are inspected at all. That inspection cannot tell if the fish is infected with parasites. They can only be seen by microscope. There is no way to know if the raw fish you are eating is safe. Fish you catch yourself will have parasites too.

Do you drink tap water? In1992 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the cities water was infected by the Cryospidium parasite. The symptoms were flu like. When the stool samples came back, it was a deadly parasite that adheres to the small intestine. There were hundreds sick and 101 people died. The water supply to one whole area of the city was shut down for two weeks. It was the worst parasitic outbreak in history. How many people may have had milder symptoms, never going in to the doctor, so went undiagnosed? They would continue to have the parasites multiplying in their gut until great damage was done. This is not the only parasite that is found in water supplies.

Do you eat food? Most of you have to answer yes to that one. One of the worst cases of parasite infections came from Americans eating organic raspberries that came from out side the US. These raspberries had been watered with sewage water and were contaminated with a certain kind of parasite. There were a lot of sick people with that one incident. How much of our food is imported from other countries. Even if it is grown here, there can be parasites on the food you eat.

Highly respected doctors and researchers support this article and its stand on the parasitic problem in American health.

Physicians and researchers include: Dr. Ross Anderson, a specialist in parasitic infections; Dr. Peter Wina, Chief of Patho-Biology in the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research; Dr. Bernard Jenson, the father of Iridology in the U.S.; Dr. Frank Nova, Chief of the Laboratory for Parasitic Diseases of the National Institute of Health; and others.

Common parasites found in human intestines:

Pork Tape Worm (Taenia Solium): You are infected by eating uncooked or undercooked pork or by handling raw pork. Many cases have shown up from individuals eating at a fair or event. The pork looked cooked but was undercooked. The larvae enter the body then form cysts in various parts of the body including the brain. This can cause brain seizures and death. This happens more often than you think here in the United States.

Round Worms: The WHO in their report says that one billion people are infected with round worms. These parasites get to over 15 inches long and can lay 200,000 eggs each day. These worms can cause intestinal blockages which may eventually impair the liver, kidney, and pancreas. Symptoms can include rashes, stomach pain, asthma, eye pain and more. Your symptoms will depend on the organ or tissue that is infected.

Pin Worms: This infection is found commonly in children. The CDC states that in some countries the infection rate is as high as 61 percent. Children often get them playing in the dirt. Often there are no symptoms except itching in and around the anus. Children have a high rate of parasite infection due to their play habits and the fact they don’t wash their hands when they should.

Giardia Parasite: The most common intestinal parasite in humans. You can get infected from contaminated food, water, or soil. In advanced cases, it coats your whole lower intestines. This coating prevents you from absorbing the nutrients from the food you eat. Symptoms may include stomach cramps, diarrhea, fatigue, nausea, and chills.

Whip Worms: Looks like a whip and infects more than 500 million people. The eggs from this work are found in dry goods such as rice, beans, and grains. This worm can lay over 10.000 eggs per day. This worm causes blood loss that will lead to anemia.

Hookworms: A microscopic worm that borrow into the body until they get to your small intestine. They then suck your blood through your intestinal wall. This damages the intestinal wall causing blood loss leading to anemia. In advanced cases this worm can get into the heart tissue leading to death. Dog feces often carry hookworms. That is why many beaches do not allow dogs. If you frequent dog parks and beaches with bare feet or lie on the beach where dogs are allowed, you may be at risk for hookworm infection. There are not a lot of symptoms that go with this worm until there is real damage to your intestine or heart.

In Dr. Hulda Clark’s book, The Cure For All Cancers, she states that certain seizures are caused by the Ascaris roundworm getting into the brain; Brain cancer and other cancers are often caused by parasites; certain mental disorders can be caused by parasites; Asthma can be caused by the roundworm, Ascaris, that infect the lungs; Diabetes can be caused from the pancreatic fluke that infects cattle and their meat; Migraines can be caused from the thread worm, Strongyloides; and the dog heart worm, Dirofilaria can infect the human heart as well.

Preventive Measures: Use gloves when cleaning up animal manure; Use gloves when gardening; do not go with bare feet on beaches where they allow dogs; wash your hands after taking care of your pets or livestock; Use filtered water in your home; wash all your fresh food even if it says its pre-washed; Wash your hands afterward; Use gloves when preparing raw chicken and meat;

Herbal Cleanses: There are herbs such as black walnut, wormwood, cloves, and garlic that kill parasites. It is a good idea to give yourself an intestinal cleanse at least twice a year. Realize that any cleanse may cause nausea, headaches, or some stomach upset. These strong herbs are killing parasites in your intestines, gut, and in the bloodstream. Ask your herb store for help in selecting a herbal combination to kill parasites. A cleanse should be carried out for 60 to 90 days so that both the adults and eggs are destroyed. You should worm your pets at the same time. After you do so, have the carpet cleaned and the pets sleeping quarters cleaned. If they sleep on your bed, dry clean your comforter.

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postheadericon You may never eat food again

After watching this video you may never eat  again.. EVER!
It is good to know that simply eating dirt will help with this!