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postheadericon Can I Eat Diatomaceous Earth While Breastfeeding?

BREAST FEEDINGI got an interesting question the other day in a PM on my Facebook Page. The question had to do with breastfeeding while eating diatomaceous earth. I went in search of the answer and found several site that addressed the question and had the same answer. I was not comfortable with passing on that information, I thought I really should ask an expert.

This was the question…
I have a 10 lb bag of diatomaceous earth and would like to start taking some-because I feel like crap!!! all the time–I know I am too yeasty–I have a 4 1/2 month old daughter I am breastfeeding–I figure if I am too yeasty-she probably is as well…I am just wondering if you know if its safe to consume while breastfeeding–I cant find much info on the internet about that…I am also worried about the die off period-for her

I sent off an email to someone that I trust very much, Tui Rose. She has been writing about DE for many years. She wrote the bible about Diatomaceous Earth in my opinion, Silica Savvy Solutions for Healthy Living

This was the answer that I got from Tui Rose…
One reason I will advise against taking DE while breast feeding in my next book, (thanks to your question), is thats Its better to err on the side of caution for the babies health. This being said as a nurse and also a mother who has breast fed a total of 3 years of my life.

While DE does work as a natural fungicide onie., fruits and for some people on their skin, in the absence of clinical trials (of which I hope to be instrumental in setting one up one day due to my next book emphasizing this as a much needed study), I will suggest at this stage that the natural fungicide capacity of DE still continues to work in the gut.

But, I think your intuition speaks to you well–the effect of yeast die-off toxicity, not only could exhaust you (depending on how fast or how much it happens) but it will also impact your immune system, while you need to be energetic to care for yourself and the baby, and also make breast milk, of which you do not want yeast die-off toxins to be present. I’m sure, yeast die-off to some degree will make its way to breast milk. Additionally, so will an unknown % of the minerals/metals which is yet undetermined as to how many milligrams (mg) are ingested and how many mg are absorbed into the breast milk and blood stream.

I suggest you talk to your MD or a naturopathic doctor how to reduce the yeas. What I do know is that sugar (in anything) is like poison (to me), and also white grain foods, and will feed and grow yeast like crazy. I take a high dose probiotic daily (not in tablet form but in capsule, and apple cider vinegar caps ) that works for me –too bad commercial yogurt has sugar.

Good luck and wish you all the best with your baby.

This answer is very different than the ones that I had found on the internet.  I am so glad that I sent that very important question off to someone that I was certain would advise wisely.  Tui’s has a new book coming out called Natural Miracle Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth For Healthy Living. It will be available sometime around mid August 2013. I can’t wait for it to come out! I loved that last one I am sure I will love this one too. I will be posting about it when it comes out.