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postheadericon Steps to Creating Your Own Container Garden

A container garden is as the name suggests a garden literally in containers. A container garden is good if you want to supplement the food you eat with fresh grown produce and you can also plant flowers and decorative plants which you can use to decorate balconies, patios, and other areas of your home.

For the containers, you can use just about anything; gardening pots, buckets, baskets, wooden crates, an old watering can or any old containers . First, get all the things you need and prepare them.

Get the container you will be using and make holes so that these will serve as the aerating as well as drainage holes so that excess water can drain and doesn’t drown the plants. Don’t make holes that are too large so that the soil or potting mix will not pour out. For containers such as baskets or wooden crates, they may have enough space for aeration and drainage so you don’t have to add any more holes. However, be careful when using metal containers in the hot seasons as these may cause the plants to dry up because they get hot quickly and retain the heat. The best containers to use are those from natural products such as those made from wood, clay or earthen pots and the baskets as they are woven from natural materials.

Next put in the soil or potting mix until the container is almost full. You can add some manure or fertilizer and mix it in with the soil or potting mix. This is not compulsory but it is highly recommended so that your plants can grow well and fast. Always add in some manure or fertilizer periodically for good growth results with your plants.

Now your ready to plant the seeds, seedlings or plants that you will be growing in the container and water the plants. Ensure you place the containers in an area where there is a lot of sun. Plants need sun to grow and they should be in an optimal sunlit area. In the warmer seasons, you may have to move the plants periodically so that they are not exposed to the hot sun for too long as this may cause them to dry up. When it is very hot, put them in shaded areas.

Water your plants often so that they don’t die because of drying up. It is recommended that you water them twice a day, in the morning and in the evening rather than during the day so that they retain and use the water. If you water the plants during the day especially when it is hot, the water evaporates before the plant can use up the water. In colder seasons, you can check to see if the plant needs water before you water it the two times in a day. Touch the soil and if it feels wet and soggy still from the last watering, you don’t need to add anymore. These are the steps that need to be strictly followed when you want to do this type of gardening.

This is a wonderful eBook called Container Gardening Secrets that you may enjoy