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postheadericon What Is Silver Sol And How Does It Work?

What Is Silver Sol And How Does It Work?

By: Terri Tutten

There’s been a lot of talk about the healing benefits of silver sol lately but few people are able to tell you why it’s so beneficial. Sure, they make claims about all the different health benefits but if they never tell you how or why something works, aren’t you a little bit leery about believing those miracles claims? Let’s take a look at what silver sol is and how it actually works.

Silver sol refers to the technology of suspending tiny, little nano-particles of silver in a solution that can be easily absorbed by the body. These pure silver nano-particles are naturally charged with electricity and each has a chemical coating of silver oxide, which is missing two electrons.

Each cell in your body requires a certain number of electrons and if some are missing that cell tries to steal them from surrounding cells. As silver sol is absorbed into the cells of your blood, it tries to steal those two missing electrons. However, normal, healthy cells in your body also have a protective shell which keeps the silver from taking electrons. So the silver cells are forced to take electrons from the unprotected cells of pathogens – unhealthy or diseased cells – and when this happens it kills of that pathogenic cell.

Nearly every cell in your body has a coating similar to the shell surrounding silver and this shell allows your cells to communicate with each other. When a pathogenic cell comes onto the scene, it attracts the silver cell. Once the silver cell is absorbed by the pathogen silver sol attacks and destroys the cell.

Silver sol works first by absorbing electrons and destroying pathogens, but it also works to destroy bad bacteria, viruses and yeast in your body. Remember, those nano-particles of silver have their own electrical charge and scientists have found that silver resonates at 890 to 910 terahertz. This is also the frequency used in germicidal UF light to destroy bacteria, viruses and yeast.

Viruses travel throughout your body by attaching themselves to healthy cells, exchanging DNA and multiplying. Silver sol then binds with these defective cells and basically jumbles up the DNA until it’s impossible for it to replicate which kills off the virus.

Now all of this is all well and good, but what does silver sol actually do for you and why are so many people using it?

Silver sol is a natural alternative which is safer, more effective and has less adverse side effects than common prescription medications. And when used in conjunction with standard medications it can actually boost their effectiveness.

Silver sol has not only been shown to be effective at helping to build up your immune system, it’s also beneficial in the treatment of:

Ear infections
Sinus infections
and many more….

People have have always known the benefits of using silver and they’ve been using it for centuries to fight bacteria and purify water. They threw silver into wells and made silver water pails. And surely you’ve heard of placing a silver spoon in a baby’s mouth.

We’re still using silver to fight bacteria and viruses only now we’ve eliminated the myths and used technology to create silver sol that can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream for maximum healing benefits.

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