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postheadericon Quail Sod Cutter Tool

I had to share with you what a friend of mine used to create a new outdoor living space at her home in Florida. She wanted a pathway in her backyard, but she didn’t want to hire someone to do it for her.. She…. being the creative and that “do it yourself kind of gal” that she is…… She used a Quail Sod Cutter tool.

I followed her progress on her Facebook page for her newly transformed backyard. She raved about this handy new sod cutter tool. Here are some of the pictures that she shared on her page….
Quail Sod Cutter Tool
She did this all using a Quail Sod Cutter tool… Quail is the maker of the manual “Kick-Type” sod cutter since 1953. All of the Quail Manufacturing products are made 100% in the USA. Quail cutters are enjoyed by many professionals; Landscapers, Parks & Recreation, Cemeteries, Baseball & Softball field maintenance, Rental Centers and Cement Contractors. They are lightweight, easy to use and need no gas or oil to operate.  This garden tool reminds me of the old push style lawnmower. All that’s required to operate the cutter is a simple kicking motion on the green cross bar while using the handles to push and direct the cutter’s path.

In addition to creating paths and walkways the “do it yourselfer” could also use this Quail Sod Cutter tool to cut in a new garden area or trenching for Fido’s new invisible fence, just use your imagination to this how this lightweight cutter could be used… I am not sure what her next project will be but I am sure she has plans to use this handy new garden tool for something.
You can find out more about the Quail Sod Cutter tool here.

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