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postheadericon Would you be prepared if your spouse died unexpectedly?

I am a very private person. Few people know what happened a few months ago in our household. But I feel obligated to share it with you in hopes that you will plan ahead….I have a very simple question for you…..
Would you be prepared if your spouse died unexpectedly?

We think that we have things under control but do we really have a clue?

I use to sell insurance. I would visit with clients and often times leave shaking my head thinking.. “what a stupid woman.” Many times the wife knew nothing about running a house hold except for taking care of the kids and the house. Everything else was left up to the husband. Something happened a few months ago that I found myself being that stupid woman.

Hubby and I have been married for over 35 years.. he is one of those stubborn men that refused to go to the Dr. even though he felt terrible…. Hubby walked around like warmed over death for months. I knew he must of thought he was about to die because he asked me to get him an appointment to see a Doctor.

I was able to get him in to see a Dr. the next day…and after several tests he was scheduled for open heart surgery. As I look back on that very scary time…. I realize that I was very lucky that things happened as they did.

We like any other couple have bills… we have lots of bills.. He pays most of them and I pay some of them. Hubby also has a business that I know nothing about… It is a vending business. He has stops all over our area. I don’t know where the stops are… I don’t know when they need to be filled…I know nothing about fixing a machine if it breaks down… or who to call to fix it. As for ordering the stock…. I knew nothing about that either….. Thank goodness that he had a helper that knew at least a little about his vending business.

We had to wait a few days before the scheduled surgery so we took that time to talk about the business, and the bills, as well as the taxes.. you know all that other stuff that goes on in life. I thought my head would explode with all of the info I was absorbing. Stuff I had no idea about. I had never given it a thought that I needed to know that stuff….. I had to admit that I was one of those stupid women that I use to shake my head about.

I was lucky.. I had the time to learn about this stuff. How many people do not have the opportunity that I was given to ask questions and to write down the information of how to carry on with not only the house hold but also the business as well?

I do hope that you will take the time to prepare ….. just in case. You may not be giving the opportunity that I had. When I sold insurance I must of handed out hundreds of these booklet Planning For Your Peace of Mind This particular booklet is for the State of Michigan. I would hope that other States would have a similar book. Please take the time to print out this booklet and then FILL IN THE INFORMATION ..The information that is asked for will get you well on your way to getting your affairs in order….Then make sure it is in a place that your able to get to it easily…

I can’t express enough how lucky I was that I was able to gather the information from Hubby himself.
When death happens at anytime it is a devastating thing…. But when death happens unexpectedly it is even more tragic. Please plan ahead… just in case.

Planning for Your Peace of Mind…..A Michigan PDF