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  • Placer mining operations 1960s
    I enjoy watching the television shows about mining in Alaska…. May I say they are nothing like this video shows about mining in the 60s. I know that I have said on some of these videos that my back aches watching people work so hard…. When I watched this one, I not only thought that […]
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postheadericon Plain Water Mean Just That… PLAIN WATER!

I eat Diatomaceous Earth (DE) every day. I scoop a big spoonful of this white powdery stuff into my yogurt… Every Morning.
Since I have been eating my dirt I have made a real conscious effort to drink more water, clean PLAIN water. That does not mean tea, coffee, soda, ect. it means WATER.
Several years ago I was listening to an interview on the radio. I do not remember what it was about but I recall one particular part of it. The guest was talking about drinking lots of water daily. The host said something to the effect of…”what about tea and coffee, does that count?
The guest politely repeated… water, plain water. She went on to give this analogy. Pretend you had a dinner party and after the quests left it was to late to start the clean up. So you just decided to soak the dishes till the morning. You certainly wouldn’t soak them in tea, would you?
That vivid story left an image in my mind of the importance of PLAIN WATER. Tea, coffee, and soda are all extra.

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