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postheadericon Organifi Green Juice: My Juicing Alternative

  Organifi Green Juice
I have been adding diatomaceous earth to my smoothie for a couple of years and just recently added Organifi Green Juice to the mixture.

I am sure you have been hearing the many wonderful benefits of juicing for a long time, I know that I have. I don’t juice, the thought has always turned me off.. because I hate messes. To me juicing sounds like I could make a huge mess. It is not like you do it once and the stuff lasts for a week.. to me it sounds like a commitment that you would do everyday…..No Thanks!

I have found a juicing alternative… I can now get healthy superfoods in One Drink… With No Shopping, No Blending, No Juicing, and NO CLEAN-UP!  That sounded like such a great thing to me.. so I ordered some Organifi Green Juice.

The order came within a few days. The next morning I added a bit to my smoothie right along with my DE… it made the pretties green color. My Magic Bullet whipped the entire concoction up in just a couple of seconds… it gave my regular smoothie a great new flavor….

My DE Smoothie Recipe
Small amount of milk.. any kind you like
Couple of scoops of vanilla yogurt….( I have PLAIN Yogurt on my list for my next shopping trip)
Scoop of diatomaceous earth (The amount YOU are suppose to take)
To this I add Organifi Green Juice
Mix it a couple of second with my Magic Bullet!

benefits at 60

You can find out more about this product as well as see the list of ingredients it contains by clicking HERE….

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