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postheadericon My Great Grandmothers Old Wood Burning Stove

How would you change your lifestyle to start making the switch to living off the land?…Now I am not talking about changing over night.. but a progression of things you would do over time to make the switch…Remember…. It is always good to plan ahead.

I think the first thing I would do is put in a wood burning stove inside my house…This would help with heat and also for cooking…I often see those beautiful old stoves. Some use gas.. but the ones I am referring to are like my Great Grandmother had at “The Farm”…. it was a beauty… it was big and black it had a huge oven as well as several burners…. on the top there was a warming oven….. off to the side there was a box of kindling…. and not to far from the house, was the wood pile… That pile  always had stacks and stacks of wood. I don’t ever recall ever seeing anyone ever chopping wood… It must be like the magic table that hubbies piles HIGH at night and in the morning as if by magic it is all cleaned off and ready for him to restock it again… or does that only happen at my house?

I remember spending many days at “The Farm”.. especially during the summer months when there was no school…. there was no in door plumbing.. but it didn’t matter.. because at night we got to pee in a bucket… is that cool or what?

When it would be time to go to bed… we went up a tiny very steep staircase the creaked with every step we took. Of course we had the pee bucket in hand too…. There were 4 bedrooms up stairs and not a one of them had a closet… isn’t that wild?… One of the beds had a feather ticked mattress. Doesn’t that sound soft?.. well it was NOT .. it was as hard as a rock.

This wonderful place called “The Farm”.. was where my Grandfather grew up… When he got married he set up housekeeping about a half mile from his homestead.. Just across a huge field the way the crow flies… My father probably spent more time at “The Farm” than he did at his own house. After all he had my Great Grandma and my Aunt Nellie (My grandfathers sister) to spoil him.

Life seemed so much simpler back then… But I remember having no power for 5 days and about went nuts having to haul water and cook on a little camp stove… Thank goodness it was summer time and we didn’t have to worry about not having heat….

I swear if I ever run across a stove like that I am going to buy it.. and then think about a place to put it in my house…..That would be the first thing I would do in my quest to get back to basics

Learning lost ways is something we all should be doing.. even if we never have to put that information to use… I am certain it would be valuable to know…. There is a lot of good information in a book I am reading called The Lost Ways….It covers many different subjects, you can see the Table of Content Here.

I am off to search for an old stove .. just like my Great Grandma had…. I can almost smell her bread baking in the oven.