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postheadericon Let me tell you about Arnold


At least 10 years ago, perhaps more I was walking by our house in the cold dead of the Michigan winter to feed the birds. I saw out of the corner of my eye something odd in our fire pot. I dismissed what I saw but after the birds were feed my curiosity got the best of me. I had to investigate.

As I approached the fire pot what ever it was moved as if to hide from me. I knelt down and like a rocket a grey cat leaped over my shoulders to make his great escape. Since this poor creature needed shelter, I went and got straw and put it in the fire pot. The next day I could see where something had spent the night. The thought of this poor lonely cat outside in the cold of winter was very sad .

We live in the country and we get cats dropped off on a regular basis. We share our home with dogs and cats that no one wanted. We have a cat door. Some of the cats snuck in for a meal and never left.

A couple of days later a very shy and timid grey cat was peeking in our patio door window where our cat door is. I prepared a dish of food and placed it on the back porch as we watched and waited. But all that happened was the food froze in the cold night.

The next night was a blizzard but once again that shy timid grey cat appeared. He was so scared.This time I heated the food so the smell would be greater and placed it in the snow drift. he came and ate and left.   Progress!! At least I knew he had shelter and now I knew he was fed.

I didn’t see him for the next 2 nights and on the 3rd night he once again appeared but as I was able to glance at him ever so slightly I could see that his face was all bloody, as if he may have been hit by a car. I put antibiotics in his food and thank goodness he was so hungry and didn’t notice. We continued our nightly feeding and his face slowly cleared up.

The nightly feedings went on for months, I had an outside Kitty. This was nobody’s cat. How sad it must be to be unwanted and unloved.   Spring was on its way and we were able to leave the back door open.

Slowly we brought his dish closer and closer to the inside of the house, and ever so slowly this cat came in. Soon he was able to navigate the cat door so he could come and go as he pleased. We did use the live trap to take him and have him fixed.   This cat shared our house for a good 5 years before my husband was able to touch him.

Over the next 5 or so years my husband and Arnold as he became to be called shared a special bond. Every night I prepared a whole chicken so that Arnold could have a nice fresh warm chicken breast served to him by that “Special Guy” that loved him so much.

We have many critters as I mentioned before but not a one to be sure loved my husband as much as Arnold. That “Special Bond”, coming from having nothing, having to scrape for everything you have everyday just to keep alive. Not having anyone to care for you or about you. And now, having someone love you so very much. Someone who feeds you chicken, just how you like it. Someone who brushes you with a certain brush till your skin tingles and someone who you can snuggle up close to every night and be there when you wake up to say, “Good Morning Arnold.”   Yes, Arnold really did find heaven when he found our home.

Later today I am taking Arnold to be put to sleep. He has been living for years with no teeth in his head, not a one. Over the past few weeks he has been going down hill fast. He has a huge growth growing inside of him.

Arnold was an older cat when he found our home so many years ago. We are thinking he is perhaps around 17 years old. He has had the life of a King since he has been with us, but life is not fun for him anymore. Arnold always loved to eat and he is not even able to do that today.   It is time, however sad it is.

My husband will really miss his Buddy, they have such a special relationship. In all the time Arnold has been here with us I may have been able to touched him 5 times. The sixth time will be today when I take him to the Vets for the last time. I will hold him and let him know that he is loved  and will be missed very very much especially by his Buddy, Bill.

Good Bye Arnold, thanks for dropping by.