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postheadericon I Ate My Dirt!

It did indeed take me a few days to get up the courage to eat my dirt.

I don’t know… the thought of eating something that kills bugs… I guess it is sort of like the idea that I have created in my mind about eating frog legs..

Never would I eat a frog leg. Not in a million years. The image of those frogs in the pond swimming and HOPPING and then with just the bodies. Not sure,  is it only me who has that image?

But I got my courage up and got a dish out and put in a big scoop of vanilla yogurt. I added a table spoon of dirt and I stirred… held my nose, took a mouthful and swallowed.

To my surprise there was nothing to it, NO TASTE… NONE. just a very slight and I mean very very slight texture. I have been doing the same thing every morning since… nothing to it.

So you really can eat my dirt.