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postheadericon How do you eat dirt?

I think the number one question I get about my dirt is….    How do you eat it?

I have heard people put it in orange juice, coffee, mix it in milk…..Sprinkle it on peanut butter and on popcorn, I have even heard people put it in pancake mix.

Diatomaceous earth looks just like flour and it has the same
consistency. I either put it in my protein shake that I whip using
a hand held blender or I stir it into yogurt.

There is no taste to it and the blender that I use takes just a couple
of seconds to mix my shake creamy smooth. I would never know I was
eating dirt.

How do you eat yours?

2 Responses to “How do you eat dirt?”

  • Carolyn Ulmer:

    I recently bought 30 pounds of food grade diatomaceous earth for both my pets, my house and myself. However it is brown in color and tastes like dirt. The bag did say food grade but it tastes awful and makes everything I put it in look like mud. One of my dogs somehow manages to leave most of it at the bottom of her food bowl even though I mix it thoroughly into her wet food and kibble. Help! Is this the wrong stuff?
    Thanks for any help you can give me.

    • Cindy:

      Carolyn, I am not sure what you bought so I can only tell you what I use. I use food grade diatomaceous earth. It looks exactly like flour, and the consistency is almost the same too. I mix mine with a protein shake or yogurt, it has no taste to me it is just a little bit grainy in the yogurt, I do not notice it at all in the shake. I would never eat it by itself, you do have to mix it with something… How did you eat it? Orange juice works well too. My girlfriend mixed it in her coffee.. that didn’t sound good to me at all.

      As for the dog food… I don’t see how any would be left mixing it in their wet food.. as for mixing it with the dry.. mine is like a powder that sticks to the dry food. There is a small amount that is left in the bottom of the dish but this if just what had shaken off.

      I hope this information was of help to you. I only know what I use and mine is WHITE.. just like flour

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