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postheadericon Here is a Juicing Alternative


ponce_photography / Pixabay

I am going to share with you a juicing alternative. Are you one of the many people that juice?… There are many health benefits to juicing…. and we all know we should eat lots and lots of fruits and vegetables.

During the summer months, as it is here now in Michigan we have many fresh farm stands that have a wide assortment of fresh produce available. I can pick about any color from the rainbow to mix and match the fruits and vegetables. Gosh they all look so pretty.

But the thing is.. juicing makes such a MESS… or it is just me that thinks that? First off, I have to store all that fresh stuff I bought and the thought of mixing a whole bunch of stuff at one time… to save for later sounds gross to me. So to juice just what your going to consume at one time and then do it all over again when you make another… to me sounds like not just 1 mess, but a constant mess.

The key word being “fresh produce” indicates to me that you not only have to clean up the mess from the preparation and the juicing itself, but you also have to continue to purchase more product.

As I said, maybe it is just me that thinks this sounds like a lot of work to keep healthy. I have found a better way, at least for me, a juicing alternative….Organifi Green Juice! Not only that… but I have found a way to sample it for FREE.

I don’t know about you but I always wanted to try those green mixes, I heard about the health benefits but the thought of buying the canister and not liking it…just made this cheap ole gal cringe. So being able to try the product for free sounded like a no brainer to me…..

In addition to having a scoop of DE in the morning… I now add a scoop of greens. I am going to feel like Popeye soon, I can feel it!

You can read all about this great juicing alternative product and even try it for free…..
By clicking here Organifi Green Juice

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