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  • MEDCHOICE CBD for Both You and Your Pets
    I heard a wonderful interview on the radio the other day….. It was about a product that helped not only aging pets but also those with past trauma or aggressive and behavioral issues. .. Since I have a traumatized little feral beagle at home… I turned up the radio and listened closer. The product is […]
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postheadericon Get A Pet to Lower Blood Pressure

10Several years ago a study was done, 48 people with hypertension were either given Lisinopril(Zestril) or a dog. After 6 months their response to mental stress was measured. The group that had received the pet had much lower blood pressure changes in reaction to stress than those that received the drug.

The result of this study is no surprise to me. Animals seem to have a natural calming effect. I have both cats and dogs. There is just nothing as calming as a cat curled up on your lap sleeping. They can sleep for hours and the slow rhythmic breathing is quite comforting. Gently stroking their fur while they sleep would just add to reducing your stress level.