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postheadericon Gardening

Let’s face it when you have a garden and your growing flowers,
fruits and vegetables you probably have bugs. I have seen all sorts of crazy concoctions that people make up to repel bugs.You can go to your local garden center and see a whole
assortment of items to purchase to keep the bugs away as well as KILL them. Perhaps this is OK for the flowers that you have no intention of eating but what about the fruits and the vegetables that you are growing to consume yourself as well as give away or even sell?DE is an all natural product that kills bugs DEAD!

Your able to sprinkle it on or mixing it with water and
spraying it on. Either way, the bugs will be DEAD and with NO harmful chemicals…. What SO EVER!!Now I ask you which would you rather have in your garden shed a
bag of Diatomaceous Earth or this?

You can eat my dirt!

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