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  • Placer mining operations 1960s
    I enjoy watching the television shows about mining in Alaska…. May I say they are nothing like this video shows about mining in the 60s. I know that I have said on some of these videos that my back aches watching people work so hard…. When I watched this one, I not only thought that […]
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postheadericon Dusting a HERD with Diatomaceous Earth

Here is an idea I have to pass on from a cattle rancher. It might give you ideas to use in many ways.

This rancher was looking for an easy way to dust his cattle with diatomaceous earth. His cattle all seem to follow a path so he placed a tube of fabric that contained DE just high enough above the path so that when the cattle would walk under it they would hit it just enough so that the De would shake out onto them.

I thought the idea very ingenious myself. It worked great for dusting his herd of cattle.

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