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postheadericon Diatomaceous Earth has Psoriasis Under Control

I just love hearing of the benefits people find when they discover one of Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secrets… Diatomaceous Earth. A reader to my Facebook Page shared his experience about getting his psoriasis under control. He is extremely happy to of found this all natural product. Please read how it was able to help him….

I’m very surprised at how little I read about using D.E. (food grade) for ridding the body of chronic Psoriasis. My body is, and has been, covered with Psoriasis for 20 years and just in the last 9 months I’ve been drinking orange juice with a tablespoon full of D.E. daily. Well usually daily, I miss a day or two sometimes.

The cost is well under a penny a day for this habit but the results have been truly phenomenal. I have had at least 35% of my Psoriasis disappear and give way to normal healthy skin all over my body. No bad side effects like with the expensive drugs that are advertised on T.V.

So? Why is there so little discussion about this? And I understand from my research that D.E. is good for many things besides this. I think the fact that D.E. is mostly silica has made the difference since silica is the main compound that make up skin,teeth, and hair. I ask here in this Facebook venue, has anyone out there with psoriasis seen a healing by using D.E. ? I would sure love to hear about it.

Updated comment a few months later…

D.E. still has my psoriasis on the run and it continues to fade back to normal skin. My finger nails look good too. Makes Biblical sense too since we are formed from the dust of the ground! So dirt,(silica) indeed is one of the very most important things the body needs.

It amazes me that such a simple answer is right in front of our faces yet I see almost nothing about it in any web sites about psoriasis. My 50 pound sack of food grade D.E. should be way more than I need to completely normalize my skin plus do a host of other good things for my body! And that sack cost me less than $30.00. The cost of a meal with the wife out at a restaurant. And what’s is even better is that this D.E. has no bad side effects like the expensive psoriasis medications they advertise on TV seem too. Ever really listen to what can happen using those products? Scary stuff folks! Give me dirt every time!

J. Molloy