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postheadericon Daddy, Why do you have to shoot Bambi?

I am one of those crazy critter people.. I always have been. When I was a little girl my father would go out hunting for deer to fill the freezer. Where I lived people waited all year for it to be deer season.

During this season you would see dead deer being hauled around on car hoods, trunks and roof tops. It was not uncommon to see many such cars gather at the local watering hole and inside stories were being swapped about the big one that got away.

In the near by towns there was always a Tell Tale Pole that would have gutted deer hanging from it. People were always looking for a place to show off their prize from their hunt… Many times it turned into a pissing match…. Mine is bigger than yours. Does as well as bucks were strung up during this season.

Being the animal lover that I was and of course having seen Bambi many times I was never able to understand why such an act could bring such pleasure to so many. My dad would bring home his kill and mom would take a picture of him and his buck… my dad didn’t believed in shooting a doe.

Every year it was the same thing…and every year I always asked the same question… “Daddy, why do you have to shoot Bambi?”…

One winter I was riding on the back of the snowmobile being driven by my dad. We were going through the woods to get to our hunting camp. The snow was especially deep this winter and we were not going very fast. My dad must of spotted something out of the corner of his eye because we turned around and went back through that heavy deep snow. He went behind a down tree and pointed to the ground and said, “That is why we hunt deer.” Lying before me almost covered entirely with snow was a deer that had obviously starved to death.

To this day I can still see that poor creature that was nothing but skin and bones lying in front of me. I am crying now as I write this… just the way I cried when I saw that deer lying at me feet starved to death.

My father taught me a very valuable lesson that day… The thought of how that poor deer and many others like it had suffered during that cold harsh winter in search of food and not finding enough to keep them alive is so heart wrenching to me.

That lesson was taught to me over 50 years ago. I still hate to hear people talk about hunting, shooting and killing deer. But I really hate to see the deer strung up on Tell Tale Poles… those make me want to puke. But I know that it is indeed necessary …. We have always heard that a picture is worth 1000 words.. well the picture that I still have in my head even after all these years is one of those lessons that you will never forget and I learned it from my father on a very cold harsh winter day.

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