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postheadericon Container Garden vs.Traditional Garden

Gardening has been one of the most common hobbies for centuries, and more and more people are beginning to enjoy this wonderful past time. A container garden has become one of the more common methods of gardening over the last few decades. It is especially popular in cities and areas with small yards. When it comes to container gardening vs. traditional gardening in these areas gardening with planters and containers will almost always win. A few of the benefits of container gardening include easy design, more control over soil quality, and a wider variety of plants that can be grown.

Traditional gardening involves growing plants in the ground or in a raised bed. However, container gardens are grown completely in planters and pots. This allows the plants to be moved around, and placed in the best places for optimal growth. The plants can also be brought indoors during unfavorable weather. Plants grown in containers also make great additions to decks, porches, and balconies. They can really soften the edges, and bring a nice splash of color to even the most drab of settings. The containers can even be customized to match the décor.

The ability to control soil quality is another great benefit of container gardening. With traditional gardening most people are stuck with whatever kind of soil they have in their yard or gardening area unless they want to spend a lot of money and time on soil amendments. When growing in containers gardeners can buy the type of soil their plants need. This also opens up a large variety of plants that may not be able to grow in the local soil.

Container gardening also makes it easier to control pests that may destroy beloved plants. The containers make it easier for gardeners to look for signs of bugs and small pests on their plants. It is also less difficult to quarantine any plants that may become infected with a fungus or disease. They also detour local wildlife that would eat or trample the plants.
One drawback to container gardening; plants grown in containers will lose moisture at a faster rate than plants that are grown in the ground. This means that the plants will need to be water more often, especially during hot, dry weather.

Containers that are used for planting should be chosen with care. Most plastic planters will fade in the sun, and become brittle. Untreated wood containers will rot quickly when used as planters. Cedar and redwood are naturally rot resistant and can make great planters. Whatever type of container that is used, the gardener should make sure there are drainage holes in the bottom of the container. Otherwise, the plant may become water logged and die.

When it comes to a container garden vs.a traditional garden it is easy to see the benefits of either. Container gardening is nice for beginners, needs less space, and often less work that traditional gardening. However, traditional gardening does provide a nice work out and lets gardeners get their hands a little dirtier.

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