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  • MEDCHOICE CBD for Both You and Your Pets
    I heard a wonderful interview on the radio the other day….. It was about a product that helped not only aging pets but also those with past trauma or aggressive and behavioral issues. .. Since I have a traumatized little feral beagle at home… I turned up the radio and listened closer. The product is […]
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postheadericon Chicken Coop Plans and Step by Step Videos

This is a great video to give you some ideas about many different designs of chicken coops. Many people are now raising chickens in their backyards… so they need a place to house them. You need to have a house built for your birds before you bring home your flock.

With so many different design to choose from it might be a good idea to know about  the different kinds of chickens too.. and which would be best for you. Chicken Keeping Secrets