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postheadericon Could I feed my family if I had to?

survival seed vault I am not one to run around like Chicken Little yelling “the sky is falling.. the sky is falling”. But I do believe in being prepared…Just in case. It is always a good idea to have a backup plan.

I have one question for you to ask yourself…. Could I feed my family if I had to?

The concept of a survival seed vault has become more widespread over the last several years. More and more families are gaining food independence by growing their own survival heirloom seeds. The health benefits of  non-gmo, survival heirloom seeds are more widely known now than in years past, and people are taking a stand against high supermarket prices.

But what if disaster strikes, and you have to ask yourself some questions:

Could I feed my family if I had to? Do I have the right kind of seeds for my region? Can I save the seeds from my harvest to plant the following year?

It is always a good idea to have a backup plan, and having a supply of premium heirloom survival seed to have on hand just in case would be a good thing to do NOW.

My Patriot Supply is a premium heirloom survival seed supplier located in the United States. They are a group of folks with a passion for self-reliance and freedom.

They have many wonderful items available on their site… but one that everyone should consider having on hand .. just in case… is their Survival Seed Vault. The Vault contains only the highest quality heirloom vegetable survival seeds. These Patriot Seeds are 100% Non-GMO, open-pollinated and placed in specially sealed packets allowing for long term storage.

The Patriot Survival Seed Vault is packaged for long term storage (5+ years) but priced for planting this year! Because of the affordable pricing, the majority of their customers buy for both planting and storage!

They offer a special, you can buy a bulk pack and plant seeds now and you will have extra if you need them…. or you can plant those seeds next year. Next year, plant the seeds and replenish your stock that you had for backup…. It just makes sense to me to be prepared.

Survival Seed Vault features only the finest survival heirloom seeds for a robust and hearty garden, even in the toughest of times.  Check out My Patriot Supply… poke around their website. They offer many items but the Survival Seed Vault is first on my list… just in case.

You might also enjoy this article about Straw Bale Gardening. You could plant your seeds in straw.


postheadericon No Dig Gardening

 Learn the basics to creating a no-dig organic vegetable plot. There are many benefits to organic gardening, especially when you don’t have to turn over the soil. It is far better for your soil structure – and your back…

This method of vegetable gardening is what I prefer. As you might have guessed, it doesn’t involve digging. This method is particularly suited to older people or people with physical disabilities. But I just prefer it because I think it’s better for the soil.

When soil is turned over it destroys the soil structure. When you create a no-dig plot you are not disturbing the topsoil at all, this means that the soil microbes, worms and creatures can continue doing what they do best in your garden.

For the best results in your garden, you want to aim for no compaction of the soil. Water, air and nutrients travel through the soil by pathways made by worms and plant roots. When soil is compacted these pathways are destroyed.

By designing you plots to be no more than say 1.25metres (4 feet) across (and however long you want) you can avoid having to stand in it. If you start with a small bed, (1.25m x 2.5m / 4’ x 8’) you can plan it so that you can expand when you are ready.

No matter what your location, no dig vegetable gardens are a great option for you. It means that it doesn’t matter what sort of soil you are starting out with as the layering of materials over the surface will continue to feed and condition your soil. Eventually you will end up with dark, nutrient rich soil.

A No Dig garden bed is made on top of the ground. It can be built over existing garden beds, lawns and even hard or rocky ground – even concrete. It should be situated in an area that receives at least six hours sun (preferably morning sun) a day and that has good drainage.
When preparing the plot it is not necessary to pull up lawn or an existing garden, you will be ‘smothering’ what is already there.

Building your plot
I like to install irrigation before building my plot as I find it saves me so much time and trickle irrigation (on a timer) is a far better way to water than by hand or sprinkler.
One thing to always remember when handling manures, soil or any organic matter is to always wear tough gloves to protect you from bacteria getting into any cuts. Then wash your hands thoroughly when you’re finished in the garden.
1. Form the outside walls of your plot. You can use logs, old planks, pavers, bricks, stones, sleepers etc. If you have disabilities you might want to get help with this.
2. Lay down a thick layer of wet newspaper (I use an old baby bath filled with water to soak the newspaper), making sure it completely covers the enclosed area. It should be at least 6mm (quarter inch) thick and overlap by about 75mm (3inches). This will kill off any weeds and more from growing. Only use newspaper and glossy, coloured paper has chemicals.
3. Lay down pads (or biscuits) of lucerne hay or pea straw, making sure there are no gaps between pads.
4. Add a 20mm (¾inch) layer of good organic fertilizer (chicken manure is great).
5. Cover with about 200mm (8inches) thick of loose straw.
6. Add another 20mm (¾inch) layer of good organic fertilizer (blood & bone etc).
7. Finish off with a top layer of compost, about 100mm (4inches) thick.
8. Water well and allow to settle.
9. Plant out seedlings after 2 or 3 weeks (not seeds).

Some of the benefits of creating a no-dig, raised plot include:
– can be built anywhere, any time to any design
– keeping your garden tidy, with easy access
– stops birds from scratching your mulch everywhere
– it mirrors nature by create a rich, organic environment for your plants
– once set up, it’s virtually maintenance free
– helps prevent destruction from snails, rabbits etc.

In your new garden the best veggies are potatoes, lettuce, brassicas and cucurbits (cucumber family). Root crops are better once your plot has matured.
It is better to have mixed plantings of vegetables and herbs, rather than long rows or a whole bed of one type of plant. Companion Planting benefits your garden in many ways, including pest and disease prevention and growing healthier, more vigorous plants.
Keeping your beds topped up with compost and/or mulch helps prevent weeds, retain moisture and promotes steady healthy growth.

There is also another wonderful way to garden, it too is perfect for older people because it involves little bending. Not having to crawl around on your hands and knees is always a plus. Your able to use less space than with a regular garden, and there will be very little weeding. It is called Straw Bale Gardening and you can read more about this wonderful way to garden by clicking <<HERE>>

postheadericon Straw Bale Gardening

gmf200x200If you’re looking for a different method of growing your own organic food, one where you can grow more, in less space, with a lot less work, have you considered growing in straw bales?

I know, it might sound like a bit of a wacky idea to begin with.

But the benefits over a traditional garden bed are many & it’s becoming a really popular method of gardening.

Check out these 7 smart reasons why you’ll definitely want to consider growing your own organic food in straw bales…

1 -> Healthier Plants & Better Vegetables
2 -> No Soil Means No More Hard Work
3 -> No More Weeds
4 -> Self Composting Growing Containers
5 -> Straw Bales Are Cheap
6 -> Flexibility & Creativity
7 -> Much More Comfortable, Easier Gardening

You can read about these 7 smart reasons in much more detail by clicking the link below.
7 Smart Reasons to Start a Straw Bale Garden

…it’s a very interesting concept and you’ll see some pretty inspirational straw bale gardens being created there…. Click here to read more about Straw Bale Gardening

postheadericon Unusual Containers to Garden In

Containers for planting come in all shapes and all sizes…. Here are just a couple of pictures that may just spark your interest and give you some ideas…. Don’t they look great?
Container Gardening Secrets

This is a great book all about Container Gardening. I am sure you will enjoy it.

Or.. have you heard about straw bale gardening…. it is perfect for those who hate to bed over.. there is also less weeding and your able to plant more in a smaller space. What is not to like about Straw Bale Gardening….. Make plans now for your next garden using the Straw Bale Gardening method.