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Archive for the ‘Poultry and Livestock’ Category

postheadericon Pigeon Lofts and Diatomaceous Earth

 I just read an interesting article about pigeons and diatomaceous earth. The article was written by Jim Vines. I have made it into a PDF that you can find below. I am going to post some highlights of it here.

You either love or hate pigeons. I happen to be one of the ones that love them. My neighbor has beautiful white pigeons that he rents out for weddings. These beautiful birds are released into the air as a symbol of some sort and they fly home waiting for my neighbor to congratulate them on a job “well done”.

Releasing birds into the air is so much nicer than sending off a bunch of balloons.. with strings attached. Gosh how I hate to see that. These balloons are released and then they break, they get stuck in things, the get twisted around things. Some birds are silly and will try to eat them…. I know some are sillier than others. But I think the worse thing about them is the string that is attached to the balloon. It too get tangled in everything… INCLUDING birds and animal legs as well as their bodies.

I found a robin that had a piece of string wrapped around it’s foot so tight it was pitiful. By the time I had found the bird the foot was so infected there was nothing that could be done for the poor creature.

When ever I am out and about I always pick up rubber bands. Some days when I get home I will have a whole wrist full of them. I always think that birds will scoop down thinking that they are worms… gobble them up and get that rubber stuck in their bellies…. I know call me crazy but I do what I can to help those that may not be as smart as we would like them to be.

I guess I got a bit off topic here…. I started out talking about pigeons and ended up with rubber bands…. Go Figure!

Anyway back to the article by Jim Vines about diatomaceous earth (DE) and Pigeon lofts….He had been using DE himself for several years but realized that very few others were aware of this wonderful product and especially it’s benefit to pigeon breeders.

Diatomaceous earth can be used to rid your loft of insects worms and parasites on the loft floor and in nesting boxes and in the feed with no diverse effect on the birds. Unlike Malathion, Seven Dust and other insecticides….. used for the control of insects and parasites…… Diatomaceous earth is not an insecticide, it is an all natural product with no chemical or toxins.

The article goes on to talk about the research that he has done using this wonderful all natural product that is good for everyone and everything.  The information that Jim offers in his article is something that all pigeon keepers should take the time to read.

You can download the PDF here….  Diatomaceous Earth by Jim Vines

postheadericon Poultry Science Study About Effect of Using Diatomaceous Earth

An very extensive study was submitted to Poultry Science. The study was entitled “Effect of diatomaceous earth on parasite load, egg production, and egg quality of free-range organic laying hens” by D. C. Bennett1, A. Yee2, Y.-J. Rhee3 and K. M. Cheng

I will be the very first to admit I am not much for reading this stuff in it’s entity… and I will admit my eyes glazed over at times with some of the information that was presented.. BUT… this study documents the importance of using diatomaceous earth around poultry. Even though I skipped a few parts of this information, I am sure it would mean a great deal to many. I was still able to grasps what a wonderful benefit adding DE to the keeping of poultry is.

This is the starting lines of the study…

The effectiveness of diatomaceous earth (DE) as a treatment against parasites and to increase feed efficiency and egg production of organically raised free-range layer hens was evaluated in 2 breeds of commercial egg layers [Bovan Brown (BB) and Lowmann Brown (LB)] that differ in their resistance to internal parasitic infections. Half the hens of each breed were…
You can read the entire post from the PDF here. PoultryScienceRLEStudy

postheadericon Studies Done About Diatomaceous Earth by Red Lake Earth

I love chickens. They are such fun to have around. I have been reading a lot about adding diatomaceous earth (DE) to their feed and also letting them enjoy it as a dust bath will make for much “Happier Chickens.”

Happy Chickens means better looking chickens, more eggs production, just all around healthier/Happy Chickens.  Red Lake Earth did several studies about the benefits of adding DE to chicken feed. The results of the study was very interesting, in fact after reading the studies I would hope that everyone who raises any number of chickens from 1 to a zillion should be adding this wonderful, all natural product that is indeed good for every one and every thing.

The first study I would like to post was done by….

RED LAKE EARTH ……Effect on Bone Mineralization

Previously we showed that free-range hens fed diets supplemented with diatomaceous earth (DE) were significantly heavier, laid more eggs, and consumed more feed than hens fed the control diet, with no differences in feed efficiency. In the present study….. you can read the entire study here.

Red Lake Earth did another study called Effect of Dietary Diatomaceous Earth and a Single Topical Application of llarn Fresh on House Fly, Musca domestica L., Breeding, Egg Quality and Selected Manure Nutrients. Now that is quite the title for a subject but the jest of the whole thing is…… Using DE on the chickens and around the their living quarters cuts down on flies…. amongst other interesting findings. Your able to read the entire study here.

I found both of these studies very interesting and they contain documented proof that using diatomaceous earth is indeed very beneficial.