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    I enjoy watching the television shows about mining in Alaska…. May I say they are nothing like this video shows about mining in the 60s. I know that I have said on some of these videos that my back aches watching people work so hard…. When I watched this one, I not only thought that […]
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postheadericon Making your own beer and alcohol

All those old westerns show beer being served from barrels.. and whiskey from bottles. Do you think that beer was warm… if it was cold how did they get it cold….. they certainly didn’t have access to a refrigerator…. Not much I can think of worse than .. Warm beer….

That beer seemed to have a nice topping to it…. and I heard on a few occasions.. “Make sure it is COLD”. So how did they get the beer cold…? Did they haul those kegs over all those miles and miles to the many different towns and way stations along the way. Maybe they had a brewer in all of the different towns.

The old gangster movies showing gin being made in bathtubs.. Gosh how times have changed…

All these micro brewers that are popping up all over they are keeping the tradition of making your own beer going. I am pretty sure a maker of alcohol would be a very popular spot as well… though I think that might be illegal… Can you say Moonshine?

Learning lost ways is something that might come in handy… You just never know when such skills might be needed….You can learn many things from the book The Lost Ways. Just take a peek at the Table of Contents…. Making beer as well as making moonshine are just a couple of the topic that are covered.

postheadericon Learning Lost Ways

Do you ever imagine what it would of been like to be alive during the days of the old west. No cars, no phone no computers.. the list goes on. Yes indeed we have come a long way since the 1800’s. Many things of changed and it is called progress.

We recently started watching a series called “Hell on Wheels”.. This is a series about the Union Pacific’s construction of the first transcontinental railroad. I am not sure how factual the story line itself is but I would bet how they are building that railroad and the encounters they are running into would be pretty much how it really happened.

I wonder what the people thought who joined a wagon train to take them to California. Even if they were told what to expect.. I am quite certain that they had no idea what really did lay ahead of them. Can you imagine trying to explain the Rocky Mountains to someone….. You are able to see this mountain range from about 100 miles away. If the wagon train traveled 10-20 miles a day… they would be looking at those mountains for DAYS>>> and DAYS…. each day getting a bit closer.. What must of been going through their minds as they got closer?

I am not saying that I would of loved to of lived in the 1800’s but I must tell you I really do enjoy reading and watching programs about it. Those people had GRIT!….. as well as a few other adjectives I could write.. but for the moment I will stick with GRIT!

I am not a prepper…. but I do think that knowing how people lived in the 1800’s would be a good thing to know. Knowing how to be sufficient sure can’t hurt. And planning ahead is always a good thing.

I am reading a book called The Lost Ways… It has so much info in it about the old days.. Just look at the Table of Content…… Learning how things were done is not only very interesting but also educational as well..

postheadericon Hats Off To Miss Kitty

 Don’t you just love those old westerns? To hear my mother-in-law tell it… my husband loved to watch “shoot em up’s” as a child. He still must be a child because he still loves to watch them.

We often watch Gunsmoke. We have hours and hours of them on tape as well as waiting in our cable box ready to watch. We watch Gunsmoke every night while we wait for Coronation Street to come on.

I just love the whole gang…. Marshall Matt Dillon, Chester, Doc, then later came Festus. Burt Reynolds was so young and very handsome. We often see Festus portraying someone else before he actually joined the show. But my favorite was Miss Kitty.

Miss Kitty was quite the woman. She owned the Long Branch Saloon. I am certain she was Matt Dillon’s girl though I don’t think I have ever seen a wink passed between them and for sure never a kiss. I loved her wonderful wardrobe, those dresses were so beautiful I often wonder how they ever washed them.. or if they were. The workmanship that must have gone into making those dresses must of taken weeks.

Then there were Miss Kitty hats…. Now I look like a dweab in hats but that don’t stop me from collecting them and looking at them. Miss Kitty had the hats. That must of taken some other sort of craftsman to make all those hats. First off where would they have gotten all of the items that they used to make those masterpieces. The netting and the feathers… can you tell I love hats?

Being the age that I am and all the hot flashing that goes around at this age I wonder what those poor women must of done when they were having a hot flash. Women back then dresses in layers.. and layers.. and more layers. Gunsmoke is set in Kansas…. Kansas is hot and I mean hot in the summer, as well as dry. Even the thought of having a hot flash with all those layers of clothes on in that high, dry heat is enough to make me want to puke.

But then again maybe it is only me that thinks what it would be like to of lived back then. Can you imagine what it must of been like heading west in a covered wagon? We all know that life is uncertain now and many dangers lay ahead for all of us. But somehow I think that the guts and the determination that the folks back in those days was much more than most people want to put out in this day and age

I am glad someone else pioneered this country for me and I am able to watch it and read about it. I am glad that I live NOW and NOT then. Taking to much for granted has never been a good thing.

Hats off to Miss Kitty…. the gal from the ole west that I would of like to of been. I think she really did have it together. She owned a bar, had a great boyfriend, had a wonderful hat collection, and a beautiful well as the respect of her community, what more could one ask for?

Here is a wonderful book…called “The Lost Ways.” Is is all about how things were done in the olden days…The days of the pioneers. Just have a peek at the Table of Content.. Click Here!

This book would be perfect for ideas for school science projects… since it contains so many different topic.

I don’t think that Miss Kitty ever made her own moonshine or the beer she served.. but your able to rad how to do both in this book “The Lost Ways”

postheadericon How do you handle grief?

“Grief”…. at this time many people are experiencing that horrible emotion called grief. That feeling of being alone, that feeling of hopelessness…To many it is like they are in a deep hole all alone and looking up there is no light to be seen… not even a glimmer

Some people are better at hiding their emotions than others. Even though most people have a support system in place, many are just not able to cope with grief.

According to the dictionary the definition of grief is.. “deep sorrow, especially that caused by someone’s death.” Dealing with the loss of a loved one takes time to heal.

Losing a loved one can happen in a couple of different ways…. after suffering from a long illness, even though you may have time to prepare for the death of someone after a long illness.. it never seems like you have prepared enough. Losing someone to an accident or a sudden heart attack… when there was no time to prepare can be even harder to overcome.

My husband had not been feeling well for months but refused to go to the Dr… when he finally did he was immediately scheduled for open heart surgery…I wrote a blog post about that very scary time… You can read it here…. Would You Be Prepared if your spouse died Unexpectedly?

It is not just the loss of a loved one either…many times a person can suffer the same type of grief when they experience the loss of a beloved pet. I know to some people who are not animal loves that statement may seem ridicules… But I for one know that feeling well. I lost my beloved Andrew to bloat over 20 years ago and to this day I am not able to speak about him without crying.

Along with grief comes stress, it seems that one feeds off of the other, making both feelings worse. So what do you do?

Some people may opt to join some sort of grief support group or go to see a grief counselor. Others would try to heal themselves on their own. Since I am a very private person.. I do believe the latter would be the option I would choose… I do know many people who have been helped by both a counselor as well as a support group… It is just something that I do not think would be right for me….

Please take a bit of comfort in knowing that others are suffering from grief also. Here is a website that has many resources available that may help with the grief you or someone you know could benefit from.

Grief is a terrible feeling of being overwhelmed, people should try to find what works for them. Perhaps having a guide would be of help to someone suffering from grief… Here is an eBook, it is called, “Back to Life, A Personal Grief Guide“….


postheadericon How to Get RID of Maggots in the Garbage Can

I can’t believe I am actually going to write a post about maggots in my garbage can but I am certain others would benefit from knowing this information.

I live in Southeast Michigan.. so far this year the weather has been hot and I mean HOT… and for the past few weeks it has been very dry too. We get our trash picked up on Tuesday mornings. So you can imagine my disgust when I found a zillion maggots in my trash can and it was only Friday… Knowing that the weather was going to continue to be HOT HOT HOT for the next few days I was beside myself thinking how many maggots would be in that trash can by the time the trash was picked up on Tuesday.

Of course I Googled my problem… The input that came back was not that helpful to me in my situation. It suggested I kill the maggots by dumping boiling water on them and then washing out the trash can….. OK???? but what do I do with the trash bags that are already in the trash can sitting there with all those zillion maggots everywhere. All I could think of was where could I get a breathing apparatus and a Hazmat suit.

Then it dawned on me…. diatomaceous earth kills the flies…. lets see if it would kill the maggots. I went in the house and got out my shaker jar that was simply an old Parmesan cheese container that I refilled with “Food Grade” diatomaceous earth. I held my breath and opened the lid of the trash can and sprinkled on a very generous amount of dirt.. shut the lid.. ran as fast and as far as I could and took a breath……. Now to wait.

I actually could hardly wait to check my trash can a few hours later… What a bummer… The darn thing looked just the same… a zillion maggots greeted me as if to say… “Bring it on!”

But by the next afternoon…. I was not able to see 1 maggot… not a one. I was not about to see where they went by poking around in the can.. I was just going to wait until the trash was picked up on Tuesday morning.

After the trash man left… I could hardly wait to see what the emptied trash can looked like. To my surprise there was nothing to look at .. nothing but an empty trash can with a bit of white powder along the side. I am not sure what I was expecting but I sure was happy to see what I saw… No Maggots!

I have been promoting the use of DE for many years. It never ceases to amaze me the many wonderful uses that diatomaceous earth can be used for…. I am now able to add Maggot Killer to the long list.

Diatomaceous Earth for Organic Pest Control

postheadericon Healthy Juice Recipes With Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Healthy Juice Recipes With Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

   Fruit & Fruit Juice Recipes

Why Juice?

Juicing has become a popular way to ingest massive amounts of fruit in a beverage.  I find myself enjoying juicing more and more to get all the fruits and veggies I need.  Over the years people have found certain foods help with certain ailments.  These ailments seem to be a majority of what our customers go through.  Whether it is arthritis, alkalinity problems, detox, or inflammation, we have a juice recipe here for you!  Best thing is that each one of these recipes has Food grade diatomaceous earth mixed in with it.  Please enjoy these healthy and tasty Juice Recipes with your Diatomaceous Earth!  You will need a juicer or if you do not have one, a blender works just fine.  To find out more about our food grade diatomaceous earth please visit our About DE section here!

Arthritis Juice W/ Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Watermelon and Blueberry Detox Juice Recipe


Basil – 3 Leaves

Blueberries – 1.5 cups

Cayenne Pepper – 1/2 teaspoon

Lime – 1/2 squeezed

Watermelon – 5 cups diced

1 Tablespoon of Food grade diatomaceous earth

How To Make:

Juice all ingredients and top with a sprinkle of cayenne pepper

You may blend in blender

Detox Juice W/ Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

apple and broccoli juice detox


1-2 Green Apples Sliced and Skinned

3-4 Kales Leaves Destemmed

1 Cucumber Sliced

Head Of Broccoli Broken Up

Handful of Parsley

1/4 Jalapeno Pepper (no Seeds)

1 Thumb of Ginger Root Sliced and Deskinned

Ground Turmeric For Garnish

Tablespoon Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

How To Make:

Juice all Ingredients and garnish with Turmeric

You may Blend in Blender

Upset Stomach & Colitis Juice W/ Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Beet and Orange Colitis Juice Recipe


1 Beet Sliced

6 Medium Carrots Skinned & Sliced

1/2 Cup Coconut Water

1 Thumb Ginger Root Skinned & Sliced

1/2 Fruit Squeezed

Orange Deskinned

2 Thumbs Turmeric Root Skinned and Sliced

Tablespoon of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

How To Make:

Juice all ingredients and garnish with Skin of Lime

You may blend in Blender

Alkalinity Boost Juice W/ Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Broccoli & Cucumber Alkalinity Juice Recipe


1/2 Cucumber Skinned and Sliced

2 Stalks Celery Sliced

1 Cup Shredded Leaf Lettuce (NOT ICEBERG!)

1 Cup Broken up Broccoli Crowns

Green Apple Deskinned and Sliced

Juice of 1/2 Lime

Tablespoon Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

How To Make:

Juice all ingredients and garnish with slice of cucumber

You may blend in a blender

Anti-Inflammatory Juice W Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth


2 Thumbs Turmeric Skinned and Sliced

4 Medium Carrots Skinned and Sliced

1 Thumb Ginger Skinned and Sliced


Juice of 1/2 Lemon

3 Stalks Celery Sliced

1 Tablespoon Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

How To Make:

Juice all ingredients and garnish with Lemon Skin

May blend in blender

Exercise & Workout Recovery Juice Recipes W/ Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth


Banana Sliced

8 oz Sweet Potato Chopped and Deskinned

4 oz Oranged Deskinned

1 Medium Carrot Chopped Finely and Deskinned

1 Tablespoon Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

How To Make:

Juice all ingredients together and garnish with Orange and Carrot Peel

May blend in blender

postheadericon Saving Bees… One Yard at a Time

I ran across the most wonderful video about bees. I just had to share it with you. It was created by Planet Natural Garden Supple. It is just over 2 minutes long but will give you some great ideas about those wonderful bees……I am sure you will enjoy it.

postheadericon Probiotics and vitamins for your dogs and cats

Do you give your dogs and cats probiotics and vitamins? I have always said that diatomaceous earth (DE) is good for every one and everything. Not only is diatomaceous earth good for our health.. but it is also wonderful to keep our pets healthy too….. adding a bit more to the DE makes it even better.

When giving your dogs and cats DE please keep in mind that you should follow the EXACT same procedure when giving your pets DE as you do yourself…. YOU START OUT SLOWLY…. SLOWLY increasing the amount that you give your pets. Always being very sure that you offer lots and lots of fresh clean water…..

We talk a lot about the wonderful benefits of using diatomaceous earth for ourselves.. and it is also good  for your dogs and our cats… as well as the many other critters. Those that can be found on a farm and those in the wild too. I have a wildlife re-habilitator that uses DE on many of the sick and injured animals that she gets in.

Earth Works Health has a new product that is made especially for dogs and cats. It is 90% DE but the other 10% contains several nutrients to enhance the health of your dog or cat. They have added the probiotic Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Digestive Enzymes, Yeast Culture, Multi-Vitamins and Chelated Trace Minerals. This product is called Pro Pet Powder.

In this 1 pound container of Pro Pet Powder there are approximately 120 tablespoons. If you have a large dog and are using a tablespoon a day, this is a 4 month supply. Another fact is if feeding to a cat or small dog, this is up to a years supply! There is a scoop included in the package. Compare this product to other big name brands at half the cost! Pro Pet Powder is a specialty pet product you can find out more by clicking here…… Also on that page check out the Natural Dog Treats made using DE.

postheadericon Would you be prepared if your spouse died unexpectedly?

I am a very private person. Few people know what happened a few months ago in our household. But I feel obligated to share it with you in hopes that you will plan ahead….I have a very simple question for you…..
Would you be prepared if your spouse died unexpectedly?

We think that we have things under control but do we really have a clue?

I use to sell insurance. I would visit with clients and often times leave shaking my head thinking.. “what a stupid woman.” Many times the wife knew nothing about running a house hold except for taking care of the kids and the house. Everything else was left up to the husband. Something happened a few months ago that I found myself being that stupid woman.

Hubby and I have been married for over 35 years.. he is one of those stubborn men that refused to go to the Dr. even though he felt terrible…. Hubby walked around like warmed over death for months. I knew he must of thought he was about to die because he asked me to get him an appointment to see a Doctor.

I was able to get him in to see a Dr. the next day…and after several tests he was scheduled for open heart surgery. As I look back on that very scary time…. I realize that I was very lucky that things happened as they did.

We like any other couple have bills… we have lots of bills.. He pays most of them and I pay some of them. Hubby also has a business that I know nothing about… It is a vending business. He has stops all over our area. I don’t know where the stops are… I don’t know when they need to be filled…I know nothing about fixing a machine if it breaks down… or who to call to fix it. As for ordering the stock…. I knew nothing about that either….. Thank goodness that he had a helper that knew at least a little about his vending business.

We had to wait a few days before the scheduled surgery so we took that time to talk about the business, and the bills, as well as the taxes.. you know all that other stuff that goes on in life. I thought my head would explode with all of the info I was absorbing. Stuff I had no idea about. I had never given it a thought that I needed to know that stuff….. I had to admit that I was one of those stupid women that I use to shake my head about.

I was lucky.. I had the time to learn about this stuff. How many people do not have the opportunity that I was given to ask questions and to write down the information of how to carry on with not only the house hold but also the business as well?

I do hope that you will take the time to prepare ….. just in case. You may not be giving the opportunity that I had. When I sold insurance I must of handed out hundreds of these booklet Planning For Your Peace of Mind This particular booklet is for the State of Michigan. I would hope that other States would have a similar book. Please take the time to print out this booklet and then FILL IN THE INFORMATION ..The information that is asked for will get you well on your way to getting your affairs in order….Then make sure it is in a place that your able to get to it easily…

I can’t express enough how lucky I was that I was able to gather the information from Hubby himself.
When death happens at anytime it is a devastating thing…. But when death happens unexpectedly it is even more tragic. Please plan ahead… just in case.

Planning for Your Peace of Mind…..A Michigan PDF

postheadericon Shelter Dogs, Kongs, Peanut Butter and Stupid People

We have a wonderful animal shelter here in our community. For many years it was not like that..I would drive by it quickly because of the horror stories I had heard about the place. Over the years the staff and many volunteers have worked hard to over come the bad reputation that haunted them from the past.

On a typical day the shelter will have about 100 dogs…. Plus about 75 cats. A very generous donor bought Kongs enough for EACH of the dogs at the shelter.. as well as enough peanut butter to stuff in them with jars left over for more stuffing.

If you can picture this…. there were about 100 Kongs in several different sizes….. as well as a whole lot of volunteers on hand to stuff them with peanut butter… the place was hopping with out of the ordinary activity…. The Kongs were all finally stuffed so let the treats begin… What a fun thing to do and not only that but it was being live streamed on Facebook…..

Ok Ok Ok..maybe it is just me…BUT… I have spent some time at the shelter… I know that it is a noisy place. There are all sorts of pups there.. big ones, little ones, shy ones, you name it.. at any given time your able to find a very wide range of dogs…..

I had to shut off the live stream of these dogs getting these wonderful treats…. The dogs were loving it. The volunteers were getting such a good feeling out of doing something so nice for these pups…. I had to shut it off because of the IDIOTS people posting STUPID STUPID comments while it was streaming live.

Stupid as in…  So these dogs are in these small cages because you are giving them treats?
You have these dogs in these cages while their play area is being cleaned?
Why do you have so many dogs?
Is someone coming to take this dog home?

The STUPID comments were endless…. These people must have no clue what a dog shelter is. All I could think of was these are the same people that think dogs and cats are disposable….Just drop them at the shelter and someone will adopt them… they will have food, water companionship and a place to play. There will be other dogs there to keep them company.

I just wanted to scream at the stupidity at some of the comments that were being posted. Many were RUDE.. Many people were commenting on the stupid comments.. it was awful….The next morning the Video had been taken down…..

What started out to show off a wonderful gesture of kindness turned ugly…..
Please Adopt… Don’t Shop!.. and get them Spayed and Neutered…